Sunday, July 26, 2009

They Told Me...

They told me I got high-grade sarcoma cancer. They told me I gotta undergo chemotherapy. They told me about a lot of things that made me understand better about what is it that I have which made me as good an oncologist as the one they've got stationed at high-class medical centres in the city. In the meantime, I keep running. I keep swimming. I keep bicycling. As a matter of fact I just got myself a Dutch city bike to get around the neighborhood to make me forget for a brief moment that I got cancer. Which is not a big thing now that every guy in town has one, just like every guy in town has iPhone to keep himself entertained while he waits up for a missus to shop for a pair of new shoes or something like that.
They told me there's a guy in Bangi who can cure cancer. And there's also a guy in Shah Alam who can do the same thing. They told me I gotta eat this herb or that herb to get meself to being normal again. They told me about a lot of things that I've begun to see that people know about a lot of things that they didn't tell me before I got cancer.
Yasmin Ahmad died last night. She got high-blood pressure and that had knocked her off in a meeting that people gotta get her to the doctors so they could work on her but she never got back on and she died on us. I always imagine something like that happening to me too because I won't know what's gonna happen to me. One minute I may be talking about a new software, the next minute I pop up like a firecracker, slumped on a chair dead as a dead guy should be. I guess I gotta be thinking about death every minute but that should not keep me from running, swimming, cycling and enjoying life the best I can.
No, blogging is not back in fashion again for me but I just gotta write something today because all of a sudden I feel as if time is running out on me. As a matter of fact I see myself being chased by a group of clocks coming out of a corner in an alley, and I'm running very fast at first but then I realize there's no need to run all that fast because sooner or later the clocks are gonna catch up with me and all I gotta do is to go find a bench to sit and let the clocks pile themselves up on me. This sounds like a good scene for a music video. Lemme go see someone now that Yasmin isn't around anymore to hear me out.