Thursday, November 27, 2014

Life Is About Waiting In Line

You waited in line to be born. From this point on you will be doing a lot of waiting in line to get something that belongs to you. Or you wait in line for your turn to receive BCG jab, or to obtain your report card from your class teacher. You wait in line to be caned in front of the entire school population because you were not smart enough to get away for locking the librarian until he was black and blue trying to undo the coil of wires you had tied around the doorknob of the school library. You wait in line to board an airplane. You wait in line to clear immigration. You wait in line to get a taxi to the hotel. While you wait, you check your phone. You amuse yourself with Instagram, Flickr, Facebook or whatever. Before you know it a full hour of your life has been spent playing with the phone. You haven't gained anything in terms of knowledge, or faith for the hereafter. And then you wait in line for the medical check up. You wait in line to get the pathologist report that you got cancer. And then you wait in line for the chemo. And then the line moves up a notch and it is your turn. Only this time, it is your turn to die.

Life if pretty much waiting in line. And checking Instagram and Whatsapp until you realise it is too late to turn back time because folks have already wrapped you up in layers of white cloth since you are now a lifeless guy who used to wait in line.


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