Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wide Awake Might As Well Write Something.

A 15" Macbook Pro, 21" iMac both upgraded to 4GB RAM, and the 27" iMac with wireless keyboard and magic mouse. Up graded to 8GB RAM and 1TB hardisk.

A midnight kinda person can do wonders at this hour like paint a masterpiece, or write a top 40 kinda song. Or think up of a movie script that could get him or her to winning something like an Oscar that some people would go to any length like sell their ears to get one in his or her lifetime. I write this way to start off this entry because you should know better that I am not a midnight kinda person and I do none of those things except letting my mind do all the thinking about the most beautiful woman in the world who is probably sleeping in a comfortable house in Sungai Bakap.

I am at the table with my 3 Macs and thinking to myself, where did I keep the 4Th Mac which is a G4 that has outlived itself that I don't know what to do with it except to think of all the nice things I did with it. I worked on it to compose all the entries when I was very much into writing blogs after blogs that got me into contact with a lot of people who came for a visit to read what I had written and left a comment or two which made me feel good all over that I once thought of making a career out of blogging. I wasn't thinking then. Like a lot of people then, I believe you can change the world by blogging - maybe it did to a certain extent. Some people still believe that it was blogging that brought down a government but I don't really think so. Let's not get into that because it is such an old fashioned thing to do, to talk about politics when I believe we've had enough politics as it is.

Maybe I am back to blogging - now that I've enough Macs to keep me going. That is if I am not out riding in the northern territory, passing through Pendangshire, thinking of calling her but can't on account it is quite a feat to take off the helmet, reach for the iPhone and hope everything's good while going 150 kmph on a bike the size of a small house.

I should be on the next plane out to Samporna to catch the rainbow...

A midnight kinda person would know what to do at this hour. But I am not the kinda person who can solve oil spill at the stroke of midnite so I wouldn't know any better what to do or think of what's in store for me tomorrow until the first light comes through the window for me to see things with the help of the morning sun.