Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Feel So Good.

Sungai Bakap (old town) - main street.

We're walking down your one-street town laughing and giggling and feeling good on a hot afternoon when the sun must be a great ball of fire to everyone but us. No I don't feel nothing because the sun is just fine by me looking nice and pretty like orange sorbet; cool and easy and very nice. I know this is very nice for sure because when you are with me every thing's cool and easy and excellent; and I'm feeling like how a guy should feel walking down a one-street town with you looking oh-so-pretty-and-beautiful that got me thinking I must have died and went to heaven because I've promised myself, if I made it to heaven all I want is someone just like you. I've got you right here with me walking down your one-street town and as long as I am with you this is heaven enough for me.

You ask how do I like this side of town compared with the other side that's new and modern? I said how do I answer a question like that when I'm too busy imagining you in your school uniform walking down this side of town on a hot afternoon with your friends from the Methodist of Nibong Tebal. Why would you imagine me like that? Because don't you find it amazing that at that moment it never crossed your mind that one day you'd be walking down this street with me? You said; yes it never crossed my mind. There you go, I said, not knowing exactly what I meant by that but that doesn't really matter because I'm feeling so good that I don't feel the heat of the midday sun because the sun is the orange sorbet that got me feeling cool and nice and easy.

You must know by now that every thing's nice and cool and easy when I'm with you which is why I am not thinking about tomorrow when I've gotta to take a ride back to the city feeling pretty sad inside because it'll be a week before I see you again. You said we've gotta do what we've gotta do for now; until you can convince your mom to come live with us in the city. I said you do that because in the city where I live it is a town with a lot of streets, not like your little town here. You laugh so hard that got me feeling so good that I could have died and went to heaven. Yes, next week I won't be riding the bike. Yes, next week I'll drive the pick up truck. Yes, ma'am. I'm listening. Yes, ma'am, I won't bawak laju-laju.

Until next week.


Friday, October 01, 2010

Somebody Fine Will Come Along...

Long before I discovered your little town north of Nibong Tebal I'd imagined somebody fine will come along to make me forget about loving you. But you know me better. Around this time of the year, I'd put on my riding gear and pack everything I own in this world into a bag not bigger than your pillow to ride at 220 kph thinking of you while the trees disappear from the corner of my eyes in a blur greenish patches like watercolor.

Somewhere between Kuala Kangsar and Taiping I try to call you on the phone to ask about the weather in your little town but the truth is, I want to hear your voice. The truth is I want to paint in my mind the way you look at me to say 'jangan bawak laju-laju'. The truth is I'm dying inside to be with you this very instant and that got me to ride faster and faster because I've gotta be in your little town before dark.

Somebody fine will come along one fine day. And I believe that somebody fine is in Damascus which is much much too far and too bothersome for me to put on my riding gear and pack everything I own into a bag not bigger than a pillow to ride at 220 kph so I can go see her to say we need to get married.

As for today, a little town called Sungai Bakap is good enough, until somebody fine comes along, that is.