Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Low Profile Kinda Folk

No need to hold on to my arms as if you're not going to let it go come what may; walking into a restaurant close to midnight after feeling kinda hungry being together in the room of a nice hotel overlooking the water fountain in the very heart of Jakarta. Middle age folk like us can't be seen walking too close to each other as if we are conjoined at the chest, feeling so much in love that those around us don't matter. Middle age folk like us usually walk kinda further away from each other, not talking to each other all that much at the table but that's not what I mean. I don't feel too comfortable walking this close with you into a restaurant giving folks the impression that we've just discovered love and the rest of the world can very much go on its business while we walk about as if you are the new middle age Juliet and I am the new middle age Romeo.
We shouldn't be seen to be too in love in public to be walking too close to each other that I gotta calculate every step to avoid stepping on your toes that could could do serious damage to you. No, neither am I saying that we should be walking two miles apart from each other. Let's just walk at a comfortable distance married folk our age normally do. Yes you can hold my hand and squeeze it a little but that's about all we should be doing in public at this hour of the night.
A low profile kinda guy like me really hate attention especially this hour of night when folk with extra imagination will start to paint all kinda stories about us being out this late in this here restaurant in this here hotel. The last thing I want is to give 'em the impression that we are middle age lovers on a weekend of sin whereas you and I know we are as married as a middle age married couple can get except that we just got married last month but that doesn't give us the right to behave as if we are in our early 20s.