Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's On Sale.

YOU WANNA BE CAREFUL WITH WAREHOUSE SALE. It can do things to you that can leave you with 4 extra German knives, another pressure cooker, a whole set of colanders just like the ones commonly used in the Asian Food Channel. And a bundle of spatulas, ladles and cutting boards in different shapes and colors; one for meat, one for chicken, one for fish, and the other for vegetables..
I have a thing for kitchen items. Can never get enough of them. And I need help. But I'm not willing to go see a shrink for this because it's kinda embarrassing to tell the good shrink about my predicament. The last shrink I went to left me with having less money in the bank that I had to negotiate a discount by agreeing to cook the good shrink Tajin Chicken. It was my mistake because it must have slipped my mind during one of the sessions that I confessed that a pilot friend of mine brought me a Tajin from Maghribi. Wait, now I remember. I think it started like this;
He said something about chicken. Me being a big mouth that I was, told him the best way to enjoy chicken is by cooking it in a Tajin. What's a Tajin? And me being such a big mouth, explained the whole thing to him. I even drew the picture of Taijin for him and the next thing I know he said something like; okay, I see you next week. You can leave your check with Mrs Chong outside and bring the rest of the payment in your next session.
Mrs Chong, a sweet and plump of a girl with singsong voice, showed me the invoice that very nearly gave me a heart attack. I took the invoice to go back in the room to have a word with the good shrink so he can explain to me about hidden charges that I might be unaware of.
He put me down to a sofa and started talking about his childhood which I didn't understand it all that well because he used a lot of big words that got me all muddy in the head. But me being a sympathetic patient that I was, listened to him like a goat bloated with gas and has no where to go. In the end I agreed to cook him a chicken dish to make up for the deprivation he suffered as a child because his dad was too poor to afford chicken for dinner.
I'm on my way to a warehouse sale. The advertisement says it's one-in-a-lifetime kinda sale because the guy doing the selling is gonna go out of business supplying kitchen items to hotels and restaurants. You can expect a lot of high quality stainless steel and more German knives and colanders and nice pots and pans. I'm not sure about you but I firmly believe that these things can make your cooking taste better. And with equipment like this, you can whip up restaurant quality dishes just like a real chef.
I need help. A psychological kinda help to solve my utensilingitis. After I'm done at this warehouse sale, that is.