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Suruh Kerja Dia Main. Suruh Main, Dia Main-Main.

A lot of people don't read NST these days for reasons I'm not authorized to think about it. You will find NST in my house any time of day. I also read Utusan Malaysia even though a lot of people consider this not a good idea anymore now that the political landscape has changed. I'm not authorized to make a decision regarding this so I'm left to do what I want and to read whatever newspaper I want. Which is why I love this country very much and I don't appreciate those who seem to have their heart and mind set to destroy the country any way they can. A lot of people nowadays read alternative newspapers because these stuff are more in tuned with their political preference.
I read newspapers for real news. Like the news of the trainee pilot who died and the other seriously injured during their routine training flight which the investigators have found out that they had been involved in a cat and mouse chasing game, and in the process breaking all the aviation rules that got them into trouble when one of them flew the aircraft too low and crashed into the jungle.
I know a lot of pilots. Those who fly commercial jetliners. Those who fly oil riggers to the offshore rigs. Those who fly people from the mapping department. Those who fly the chopper to check on traffic situation during Hari Raya rush. I like the idea of being a pilot. As a matter of fact I'm seriously considering imitating what Leonardo does in the move 'Catch Me If You Can' just so I get to put on a pilot uniform, preferably Pan Am just like in the movie. So you can quite understand if I am rather angry with the way those trainee pilots took to the sky in their trainer aircraft and fly it as they would race a kapcai down Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman beginning from Maju Junction to Globe Silk Store.
They must have been mat rempit before they decided to become pilots. You know what they say, old habits die hard. Come to think of it, it's better that their career is cut short before they become real pilots, flying real passenger jetliners and racing among themselves in the sky as if the whole flying game is a big time rempit game in the sky.
Yes, I'm hoping that they would be disqualified from ever being a pilot because I don't think I like the idea of having that kinda pilot flying the airplane with me, women and children playing passengers in the cabin.
Once I had to brief a group of fresh recruits about the safety aspects on the offshore platform. Midway thru my explanation, three clowns were making fun of what I was saying even though I had been very patient with their stupid jokes from the start. I tried to impress upon them that the safety of each and every individual on the rig depends on their right attitude towards safety and paying attention to the hazards that could lead to serious trouble like fire. But they weren't listening. And so I grabbed the collar of the guy who talked too much for his own good and shouted down his throat that I'd throw him out into the sea right now if he is not interested to listen to what I'm saying. A big burly Norwegian friend who had been watching the show from the start volunteered to say - Bergen (not my real name), lemme throw him off for you. That got the rest of them to listen.
Once, someone said this to me which I hate to reproduce here but I have to;
Melayu - disuruh kerja dia main. Suruh main, dia main-main.
p.s Those trainee pilots could be Top Gun materials which got me into thinking, maybe they enrolled in the wrong pilot school.


Blogger Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Bergen
Cool commentary for the front-page exclusive of the NST!

12:59 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Fauziah Ismail: Thank you, ma'am.

2:33 PM  
Blogger MA & Brood said...

How sad but it so true that (some) - I hate to generalise but to a certain extent it's true! - Melayu mentality lebih banyak main-main, never take things seriously and think that everyone owes them everything.

I was in shock to read the paper this morning on the mishap. How sad.

p/s you should have just toss that bugger off deck without any warning! That will proff a point to the rest of them clowns that "malang tidak berbau".

4:40 PM  
Blogger MA & Brood said...

erk..typos alert!

1.How sad but it IS so true that (some)....

2. That will PROOF a point to the rest of them clowns that "malang tidak berbau".

4:41 PM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

It's the NST for 'real' news for me! Old habits die hard ... since I was a kid there had always been one lying around the house, too. (Not lie as in tipu, just to clarify).

I guess serious and Melayu don't go hand-in-hand .... now please don't anyone throw me off board. I said I guess ...

9:00 PM  
Blogger Pok Deng said...

Now you have found the way to put embedded comment form. Hehe.

Now relate to the topic discussed herein.

Well, that's an outstanding rempit action. I am wondering something, a part of a television show I watched several years ago showing a silly race of two fighter jets in the sky I thought it was just only a TV humor (in fact, those fighter jets can 'gostang' and having side mirrors as well). Now I watched The Melayus tried to mimic such silly action. What a shame.

9:53 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

MA&Brood: I like that 'malang tak berbau' stuff. But if my memory is correct I smelled of grease, salt water and sweat that day. In a way he could have smelled it coming he he.

QOTH: Yes, you can't afford to take things for granted when talking about NST (or other mainstream media) these day. People may understand something different when you mean to say something else. We're living in a very sensitive times and it's getting everyone on edge. People can put you either on this side of the fence, or the other based on what you say, think, or write. I'm not sure when all this will come to a stop. I reckon we're in for a long haul. How sad.

Pok Deng: LOL, I didn't. Frankly I don't know how it came to be like this. You know better - my blog is kept plain because I don't know how to make it kaler-kaler and bling bling. he he

10:03 PM  
Blogger Kama At-Tarawis said...

Nice piece of writing, bergen. saya old school - it's the mainstream papers for me despite all the "kekecohan semasa', especially now when journalists are under siege.

Btw, I still dont know how to link other postings to my own. Bergen reti ker dok? as for kaler2 and bling2 tu, buleh gagohla..

10:19 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Kama At-Tarawis: When it comes to news I get them from sources I'm familiar with. At least it helps me improve my English - that's how I do it, having failed to pay attention in class when Miss Low Bee Lia was busy trying to make me understand present continuous tense, past perfect, conditional 1 and conditional 2, verb-subject agreement and such. How could I pay attention when I was too busy trying to catch the attention of the pretty girls in class when I was put together for the first time in a remove class with the girls from sekoloh ppuang, sekolah chung hwa, and some from ppaka. I had come from sekoloh llaki where we didn't know how a girl looked like. LOL.

About the link, I believe you click on a symbol of a 'chain' when you type your draft. A dialogue box will appear, and all you've gotta do is copy paste the address and the visitors to your blog will take it from there to where you want them to go. LOL - gosh this makes me sooooo techno savvy.

10:48 PM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

Whenever news on piloting trainees got killed or their plane crashed into the sea or some sawoh bendang or some jungle, the same question came to my mind. Are these accidents due to human neglect or the machine's problems?

I never thought that when one is training to be a pilot one will be main-main but unfortunately it is to some.

My teacher used to tell us "Kalau belajaq atau gherja buat sungguh-sungguh.kalau main,main sungguh sungguh"

11:24 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Tokasid: Sometimes it takes death for people to understand that the safety rules are not created for fun. Some new recruits sometimes make fun of things they consider mundane, like safety helmet, goggles, boots, gloves etc. But when someone gets hurt because he didn't put it on they begin to see the point - by then they might lost a thumb, or a whole leg. Every industry has a list of safety checks but a lot of people don't pay attention to these - maybe because accidents rarely happen.

I used to work in the surroundings where every little thing is a safety hazard and as such, I've developed the attitude to not take things for granted. At times this has made me a bore - but where I came from, safety can never be drilled enough in my head. Now that I'm out of that industry, I still carry some of that in my every day life. But I'm less inclined to see everything as hazard. LOL.

But in the case of the trainee pilot, I'd say it's good that the guy died. Maybe he'd be a hazard to passengers if he become a commercial jetliner. I'm sorry if I sound a little harsh but I believe he deserved it - and if you look at it from ilmu usuluddin - itu memang ajal dia. So dengan izin Allah this thing happened - and we don't know what's in store for us. Who knows, we might have a law-abiding student pilot somewhere. He might pass with A but half way into his 2nd year as a pilot, he decides to become mat rempit in the sky. This thing happens.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Mat Salo said...

Bro berg..

Long time since I posted anything here. But I've been keeping up and reading and Sir, your output is not only prodigious but it keeps getting better and better. I like!

Ha, I like the way you put those three assholes in their place. Which reminds me, my HUET is expiring and I need to arrange a refresher. Care to recommend one? Haha...

12:25 AM  

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