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Living With AIDS.

Unlike VDs or Syphilis, I get the impression that AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease in a class of its own. As a matter of fact, I have the impression that when you're down with AIDS a lot of people are gonna speak up in your behalf. They're gonna put on some kinda ribbons on their chest to show that they're with you come earthquakes or hailstorms. They're gonna say how proud they are of you for speaking up and coming out in the open to tell the world that you've got AIDS. They even have AIDS Day just like Warriors' Day or Christmas Day to celebrate a good job you've done for contracting a high-class disease like AIDS. They even organize musical concerts or operas in your behalf to help pay for the research to find the cure to this high-profile disease. They also go about town with banners, posters, badges and stickers asking people to be your friends even though you've got AIDS. It's a high-class disease commonly associated with being an open-minded person, metropolitan, individual freedom, human rights, urbane, not to mention same sex relationship.
A lot of interest groups are gonna take up your case if people discriminate you at work if you've got AIDS. They've got a movie with Tom Hank in it as the the legal manual to make sure that people pay a heavy price for making you uncomfortable in any way. You don't get this kinda treatment if you've got VDs or Syphilis because unlike AIDS, these are sexually transmitted diseases commonly associated with sailors and cheap prostitutes. Besides, VDs and Syphilis is so 50s compared with AIDS which is so 80s - the period you're supposed to connect with your inner feelings, and be honest with yourselves because that's what psychologists want you to do. It was the dawn of an era when you are encouraged to do what you want because you're the master of your own destiny. And so if you have a sexual orientation for same sex relationship, you should just be honest with yourself and go ahead just do it. To be like Freddie Mercury, to love and love and love. Never mind if too much love can kill you. Incidentally it was also a period Nike came up with the tagline - Just Do It.
Someone must have figured to position AIDS a class above other STDs as a way to make it fashionable for people to announce to the world that - 'I connect with my inner feelings, I do what I want and this is the price I've got to pay for being honest with my sexual preference, so take a good look at me because I'm dying and you gotta admit it that I'm some kinda hero'. Try saying something like this if you've got VDs or Syphilis to see if people will treat you the same way as that of a guy who've got AIDS.
In my book if you've got AIDS, you're no different than a guy who got VDs or Syphilis or other STDs that I'm not aware of. So don't tell me to be kind to you because as far as I'm concerned you're just like a guy who got stomach ache, or a nose job gone wrong. I don't treat you different because as far as I'm concerned you do this to yourself and like everything else in this world, you're responsible for your own action and you shouldn't be going around blaming everyone if people look at you different, or treat you bad. I wouldn't wanna a guy with VDs or Syphilis in a public swimming pool and I don't think I want a guy with AIDS to be in the same pool with me when I've gotta do 20 laps before noon. Sure you can tell me that AIDS isn't contagious and that you can hug or kiss a guy with AIDS and you're gonna be okay but frankly, I don't think so. I grow with the notion that all STDs are contagious and that once you've got one, I gotta stay away from you. I know this may hurt you but as far as I'm concerned, I gotta stay safe.


Blogger cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

I'm with you here, all the way!

If I remember it correctly, someone coined a name for these STDs, especially AIDS; I believe they call it "Glamorous Disease" - as you mentioned, the person becomes instant celebrity! Not for me, thank you.

11:27 PM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

At least I'm not alone thinking like yu did.And we got Shah cakapaje to.
I nly take eception for those who acquired AIDS/HIV for mistakes done by the health the ustazah in Jitra who was give ubscreened blood.Or those patients give tainted blood or plasma or whatever factors taken from the blood.

But those who got AIDS from having a wild willy or little brother or those who thought its their rights to have homosexual carnal acts or those who thought its cool to have multiple sexual partners with partners who also thought its also cool to have sexual interactions with multiple partners.

Or those IV drug users who thought its a brotherhood thing and hip to share needles to get high while chasing their dragons in the dragon's lairs.These sexually liberal group and this brotherhod drug addicts they deserve what they got. They knew the risks of getting AIDS. Its been 20 years on the global news. I mean don't they read the papers or magazines or watch the news on TV? And they have friends or partners having AIDS. But do they learn anything about it? NO! Their willies are too wild for infected twarts or anuses. And they dragons are too good to be missed.

People are willing to embrace AIDS patients.But mention Syphillis or gonnorhea! Ppl will have this weird thoughts about Syphillis and gonnorhoea patients. They go something like this: Mana dia tak kena Siplis...mesti dia ni kaki pelacur.
For some the STD sufferers are worse than pigs.

But if smeone have AIDS its something like this that your hear: Kesian kat dia....nasib tak baik betul kena AIDS.Kesian mak bapak dia. Kesian bini dia.Kesian anak2 dia.

Double standard it is. And many will probably will say: Apa la si bergen,Shah and Tokasid ni? Awat depa kutuk mangsa2 AIDS ni?

I have seen many AIDS/HIV patients( mainly IV drug users and few ppl who just love poking their willies into their partners anus or loving someone poking in pricks into them) and I have never seen them regreting of what they did or their lifestyles.Never.

Do they AIDS loving ppl believe if Freddie Mercury or Rock Hudson ever have a chance of living again they will avoid living their old lifestyles? Don't think so.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Zawi said...

Two AID related deaths happened quite close to my home the most recent one was barely 2 months ago while the earlier ones was some 3 yrs ago. The earlier one was in his early 30's while the latest was in his late 20's. Both are known junkie.
What is sad is the denial by the family that the son was an AID victim. Instaed of telling the truth they still want to make people believe otherwise.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are cases of infants with AIDS in the wombs of their mothers and there are cases of AIDS infection through blood transfusion. Although the cases may not be as prevalent as the ones from sexual contact, it isn't fair to assume the same for the innocent infants and the victims needing blood from donors.

7:28 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Cakapaje: I believe people like Rock Hudson, Freddie Mercury etc helped give the impression that it's a high-class disease. The bohemian kinda stuff.

Tokasid: I believe a lot of them know what they are getting into.

Zawi: I reckon it's hard on parents to accept something like this could happen to their children. It's sad.

Anonymous 7.28am: Yes, I hear you. This entry doesn't include those who got AIDS the way you've mentioned. It could happen to me and to you. We may stay away from it but sometimes a twist of fate like blood transfusion and stuff like that can to us. Infants born with bad blood have my sympathy because they are innocent, and we'll never know why this has to happen to them. We never know. Allah knows.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Mek Na said...

i share the same opinion with uol here. i cant understand why we must have that perasaan berpilih2? to me all are the same, penyakit sampah.

11:56 PM  

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