Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm So Angry.

You're gonna have to work very hard to make me angry because I've learnt how to contain the anger deep inside by jogging it off, swimming it off, cycling it off, kicking and punching the punch bag in a 45-minute work out until I'd be too weak to raise my arms. No one taught me how to deal with anger this way. It came to me in a dream one night and I've been like this ever since - believe me. Don't you think this statement looks and sounds just ike me?

No, I don't cook when I'm angry. The kitchen would be the last place I wanna be when I'm angry because I know there are things in there that can make me even more angry if I do that. Like glasses not arranged in a straight line, drops of water here and there, kitchen rags not folded in a shape of a swan, or a phoenix, or any other elegant animals like the Arabian horse. I know I'd get annoyed if the trash can is full to the brim, so I try not to look at it when I'm angry. And I'd be very annoyed if the spices are not arranged alphabetically so I'd keep away from the upper section of the cabinet in my kitchen when I'm angry. I'd also get very irritated if the cutlery isn't polished and kept in a neat order in their assigned containers which I've arranged according to size, make and the year they were bought.

So you see, kitchen isn't a good place to be when I'm angry. But a swimming pool, now that's a different kettle of fish all together. I find the water a good thing when you're angry. It soothes your body like nothing in the world can. I'd be swimming at least 20 laps to get my lungs worked out good. I'd be doing free-style, maybe 8 laps maximum, and the rest breast-stroke. I don't do back-stroke because I don't like to gaze at the sky when I'm swimming. This will only encourage me to imagine things I shouldn't be imagine which runs the risk of making me angry. So no back-stroke for me unless I purposely want to imagine something like what should I cook today now that I've ran out almost every thing there is to cook.

No, I don't usually get very angry. Not even when rude people treat me like dirt, or flash their lights when I'm on the right lane overtaking a car in the middle lane. I don't get angry when people jump que. I don't get angry when people talk dirty, or pepper their sentences with words I wouldn't want to repeat to a cockroach. It's gonna take a lot to get me angry because I've learnt a simple lesson; that it takes very little to make me happy. That way, I'm happy with every little thing in life more often than I get angry. It's a simple accounting.

Can't remember the last time I'm angry, which is why I write this entry. Just to remind myself what does it feel like to be angry. Does this make sense to you? Okay, next time I'll write about being senseless. Until then, I'm going into the kitchen, putting on the apron I got from Asian Food Channel.


Blogger cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

First time I'm reading you letting off steam. Whatever it is, it must be something that's really bad. If so, I can dig that.

Take care bro, and selawat bebanyak, it does help.

8:04 PM  
Anonymous zara said...

You do sound angry, there. Ermm..hope that you are no more angry now. A lil bit scared over here.

9:39 PM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

Very few ppl know how to control or divert their anger and you are definitely one.

I have a problem of difficulty to get angry. I do get angry once in a long while but before it flares up into a flame it fizzles out.Poof!

If i become too angry i just go into the bathroom and take the wudhu. Coz I don't do sports anymore. And I can't swim like other ppl do and no stroke in the water for me.Or I'll just drive around with some kuliah CD on the stereo then find a qeite spot to puff away and an ice-cream.

And shah is right, the salawat is a ready remedy for anger management.

11:28 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Cakapaje: No, nothing is making me angry. Just thought of writing about it to remind myself that I should get angry once in a while to remind myself that I'm still capable of anger. LOL.

Zara: No, ma'am. You shouldn't be scared. Like I've said, it takes a lot to make me angry.

Tokasid: Puff away and ice-cream? Now this is big news, doc. LOL. Driving around in Malacca, I believe, Masjid Tanah area is a good thing, but not downtown. I love Masjid Tanah area. There's a lovely kampong, I think, it's Cincin. A lovely place with nice people. A good place as any to live in the old age. There's a new masjid there with the pagoda roof. And stall selling fresh fruits.

Ice cream is a good thing. I reckon one shouldn't wait to get angry to have one. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna put on a nice t-shirt and a clean pair of jeans, boat shoes to get me an ice-cream. Wait, it's close to midnite. Oh well, there's 7-11 in the neighborhood. I think I jog over.

11:52 PM  
Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

"I've learnt a simple lesson; that it takes very little to make me happy".

I think we have a lot to learn from that line you've written.

Mess don't make me angry but incompetence and arrogance do.

11:04 AM  
Blogger tokasid said...


Yes Masjid Tanah is a n ice area with nice beaches(Melaka standard that is) with lush greeneries in the kampongs. Occassionally the sourish pungent smell of pigs pokes your nostrils.

Chinchin is actually in Jasin area.Its located between Jasin town and Tangkak.
Chinchin is the in-thing for many pensioners.

You have a good time in taiping soon and do not forget to look for cendol and maybe a stroll or a jog in the Taiping Lake Garden.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous podgykat said...

Thanks for stopping by and prodding me out off my lazy-chair! Boy, I really thought you were mad about something here, hehe. Coincidentally was in Melaka during the school break and had caught sight of that masjid with the pagoda roof! Brother in law was showing us the sights on the way to Umbai for ikan bakar..hmm, now was that you I saw???? :D

6:06 PM  
Blogger Zabs said...

Salam Bergen,
Dengan mengambil wuduk akan menurunkan kemarahan, kalau dibawa berendam dan berenang di dalam air, juga akan menyejukkan kemarahan.
Saya pula cepat marah, tetapi cepat cool down, dan cepat juga menjadi ceria.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Dhahran Sea said...

Salam Bergen,
Talking about being angry... I almost did just now... after reading Rocky Bru's posting today about Pak Lah's saying that he worked very hard and the people know it! Argh!#$@&*%$!!

3:37 AM  
Blogger IBU said...

Difficult to get angry? Awet muda yewwww...

1:27 PM  
Blogger boxxTomoi said...

Tuan Bergen tak akan marah .. sebab dia takut ..nanti dia kena jual !!

1:42 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Zabs: I believe there's more to gain by not getting too easily angry with something.

Dhahran: LOL, it's a funny thing to me that one. No, better don't get angry over something like that, sir. It will only raise your blood pressure, which is not good at all.

Ibu: Hmm, I didn't know that one. So if I don't get angry for a year, I'll be a year younger? Sounds like a plausible mathematics there. LOL

Boxxtomoi: That got me good, sir. LOL. Nanti kena jual, so kena tidur dalam kandang kuda pun tak apa. Tak makan, tapi bau saja pun tak apa. Besok ayahanda tengok apa ini Abdul bongsu boleh bikin. LOL.

10:50 PM  

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