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It's The Cryin' Season For The Men Of Trengganu.

In Trengganuspeak the above title will sound something like this; piang museng orang llaki nnangis. This has gotta be one of those rare moments when I gotta put on a disguise that I am Norwegian or Irish, and not a guy from Trengganu that I really am. No way I want to be associated with a state where men cry openly as if laughing has gone out of fashion.
Maybe growing up with Aunt has got something to do with it. She put it in my head for as long as I can remember that men don't cry. When they do, they are worth half a man. Which makes them half man half woman. When a man is half man half woman, I once asked, kalau ssetuh batal dok air sembahyang? She would say; budok bertuoh. And Grandma would say; loyar burok budok ni. And then I'd say; batal separuh. And they would laugh so loud everyone would think ours was the house gone crazy since there was no man in the house to monitor the women if they went a little lewd with their jokes.
I can't see what it is that got the men of Trengganu to shed tears now that they've got a new menteri besar. And the sultan is coming home for the week end to ride a horse. The weather is good. The sea is turquoise blue this time of the year, inviting you to go for a dip later in the day, maybe a little after 'Asar prayer. Food is abundance. Women are pretty in their colorful baju kurung. Birds are singing. The clouds are lovely. I don't see why the men of Trengganu must cry when there's so much going for them in the state. They've never before cried for Wang Ehsang that had gone missing. Which is why I don't understand what made them want to do the crying now. I'm here saying to myself; what's wrong with you?
And this Ahmad Said guy is not showing a good example at all. His pictures in the papers today show him crying like a guy who's got his apang dewa* taken by a couple of hungry friends. Not a good start for a leader given the task to take care of a state like Trengganu. Leaders don't cry. Leaders are strong. Like a man. Man don't cry. Men are strong. They don't have tears. They've got blood. And saliva. They fight and they bleed. They get up and they punch and kick. They don't cry because they don't have a woman blood in their vein. Show me a man who cry and I'll slap him so hard he'll be sorry for trying to be funny with me.
Maybe a psychologist will say that there's a bully in me because I like to make fun of men who cry. At school I bullied those who cry easily and I'd go after them until their father had to come deal with me and I'd be in the teacher's room to receive a few whacks on the bottom. After that, I bully again. Just to see them cry so they can call their father. You see, I hate fathers. I hated them because I didn't have one to come deal with the kids who say nasty things about me, about Aunt, about Grandma, about cousin. I hated father because they protect their children when their children cry. And nothing pleases me more than to see boys cry because when I had to cry, no one will ever know...
*Apang dewa: sejenis kuih.


Blogger tokasid said...

Salang Bergeng:

Nnangis dalang suratkabor might be the next fashionable thing to do among the pembesor-pembesor negeri.
AS is not the first. I remember there was this picture showing DrMahathir crying.And it was also on the national TV,Ar Ti Eng, showing the great(?)man crying his hearts out. Then you get to see so many men crying in that huge hall they called PWTC.Well maybe those men on the floor had to follow the great man on the podium crying. After all thats what they always say: kami mengikut arahan pemimpin parti.

Last week we find 22 angry wakil rakyat. They didn't cry.They were furious. But then maybe they didn't get angry willingly on their own accord. After all their leaders from Besut and the one in Putrajaya were angry when their choice was not accepted by the palace.

But AS crying for the whole nation to see most likely is a happy cry. Well, they tried to bully him to make him cry but being a bulldozer man that he is he just bulldozed them all they way to Putrajaya and finally they have to give us the white flag.

AS cried becoz he saw several bigshots are 'licking their own saliva' now.Maybe he cried becoz now its his turn to fell the wang Ehsang.He cried becoz he knew the 23 YBs will cry(silently) as to follow the leader that he is now.

You bullied other kids to make them cry.The Besut guy and most likely AS too bullied Trengganuians making them cry. Are all fathers in Trengganu will go and give the Besut man or AS a hard time?

Now the question about the half man half woman is interesting. I mean at such a young age you had the capability to ask such question. Thats what I call farsighted. No,I'm not saying this to make you feel like a million buck.Its the truth, I mean how many primary school kids will think abut batal air sembahyang if one ssetoh a pondang? Only one and thats you.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

Do you know why he cried? It COULD be something like this:

What? It's confirmed? They are going to accept me as Menteri Besar? Surely the ACA would not act on the report they made then. Huh I can't believe it. I am MB finally. Idris, I shit on your face. Wait, wait, wait a minute, I am forgetting something. Wang Ehsang? RM1.2 Billiong a year? Patrick's gonna come a courtin? Oh, I think I am gonna cry. I know I didn't do anything good to deserve this. Shit 1.2 billiong all mine to spend? I am gonna cry some more.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous podgykat said...

Heheh, enjoying all this trengganuspeak!

5:11 PM  
Blogger cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Have not been reading much - either mainstream or alternative for 2 reasons: 1) Streamyx was down in my area Thursday and Friday, and 2) Been trying (with capital letters) to read up on the Mutual Trust Exam just now. However, reading from Cikgu, perhaps this I can add:

Mat Said cried because he had to peel lots of onions earlier. The onion are meant to be the 'rencah' for the 23 ADUNs who spat on their own faces and now has to...ahem. Much like your apeng dewa - be eaten by those ADUNs themselves :)

Apologis bro, if I sound gross.

7:00 PM  
Blogger maklang said...

ke memang pembesor zamang sekarang memang trend dia nnangih bila keluar sokkabar???

12:02 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Tokasid: LOL, you brought in fresh perspective to the crying thing. I'm not sure if you remember but I believe it was in the 70s when Malaysia almost made it to the final in world hockey championship. It was odd, but I remember the players cried when they lost. It was not common for men to cry openly but it was an era where people were trying to be honest with their feelings and men were sort of 'encouraged' to show their emotion - crying included. After that men have been crying openly at the drop of share prices.

Kata Tak Nak: Maybe LOL. He cried becasue he's so happy now that he's the menteri besar and he will have the chance to spend all that money. Kijal is gonna see a lot of housing projects the next five years. Or 'tourist attractions' stuff like the biggest fish made of marble imported from Italy.

Podgykat: I'm sure you can figure 'em LOL.

Cakapaje: It's good to do all the cyring now because he's gonna be doing a lot of laughing after this.

Maklang: Trend ni started (mengikut pendapat sayalah) in the 70s, masa world hockey championship.

9:48 PM  

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