Monday, December 15, 2008

Do You Know What Love Is?

No point denying the fact that a guy can love six or sixteen women at the same time. And he loves them the same as the first or the second or third. He doesn't distinguish one from the other, he loves them as good as love can get on a sunny day with blue skies and all. But this being a rainy day I reckon a guy won't be doing much loving because every woman he calls is either out of town or busy shopping for one last time before the economy goes under. The next best thing to do when this happens is to bring out the broom, the mop, the floor detergent and start doing something respectable and honorable which you may have already guessed from the equipment I've mentioned - that is to clean the house as good as a house can get to being a maternity hospital, or a nuclear plant.
Sensing that this may take at least three solid hours of a wet Sunday, I start with the fans. And then the bookshelves which need serious dusting both with a feather duster and a damp cloth. And then the floors - a good sweep with a nice broom with thick bush and a good mop soaked in a powerful floor detergent. And then the fridge and the freezer. The bathrooms.
By 3.00 pm there's no more cleaning to be done and all I can do is to sit and think what to eat now that I'm beginning to feel a little hungry. Now this is not a big problem for me because I know exactly what a man should eat in a weather like this.
Throw some keledek, daun cekor and santan. Fry a good chunk of ikan talam masin. Deep fry a piece of thick tenggiri.
By 6.00pm I'm out cycling in the rain on my new Giant XTC Three bike.
Do you know what love is? I'd say sharing this moment with someone you really care is a good start to find out what love is all about.


Anonymous f said...

Wakes up at this hour, grabs the pink handphone n checks out a certain blog if it is finally updated [it is, indeed], reads the latest entry with a wide smile n suddenly the cheeks feel warm- that is love, i think.
Lovely entry, sir. Glad that u're back :-)

4:04 AM  
Blogger ubisetela said...

It's raining outside (it's 1pm, library). That sayur daun cekur with ubistele & ikan talang masin goreng really makes me want to go home and cook lunch.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Bergen
Keledek, daun cekor and santan, ikan talam masin, fried tenggiri ... you just made me feel homesick for my mom's cooking!
Simple meal but warms the heart on a rainy day.
Good to have you back.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a lonely place until then...

11:46 AM  
Blogger mamasita said...

What? A guy can be in love with 16 women equally!Oooh!This is scary but I think its true.The first is normally the missus.The 15 others are all spare tyres!Makan viagra or tongkat ali?

Then,when the missus finds out,the guy will of course slowly eliminate the others..slowly lah.

And true love surfaces again with that one devoted person whos willing to share that simple kampung light meal on a rainy day..the end!

3:53 PM  
Blogger AUNTIDA said...

Mr Bergen,

Love is also when you share steamed rice, re-cooked (with loads of onions and veges) canned sardines (tesco variety)and good-ole malaysian omelet (aka telur goreng dadar)on a wet evening. Then you just lie on his potbelly and complain about your own increasing girth (because he made you eat all the sardines).

6:11 PM  
Blogger dee3 said...

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10:40 AM  
Blogger dee3 said...

lovely entry dear sir.

auntida: lol!

10:40 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

F: You have a pink handphone? Do you have a pink Cadillac?

Ubisetela: You'd better go home to cook lunch, ma'am.

Fauziah Ismail: Nice to have this in December weather. My salam to your Mom when you see her.

Effa Mas: Lonely planet. he he

Mamasita: Yes, ma'am. Uncle had 16 wives in his lifetime. I got a lot to catch up, he he.

Auntida: LOL - gosh you describe it well. I've never tried Tesco kinda sardine - always prefer Cap Ayam. You're good.

Dee3: Thank you, ma'am. Yes, I'd laugh with you one more time about what Auntida has written.

To everyone who came by this way, thank you and you folks have a nice day now, y'hear?

Stay dry. It's wet out there almost every other day.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous fidd said...

please, next time when u got nothing to do, drop by at my place!! I'll have the broom, mop and pail ready. :)

12:25 AM  
Blogger Malaysian Tigress said...


Wah, a man who cooks and cleans...( dusts the bookshelves and cleans out the fridge too)

Bergen, will you marry me?

(alamak have to find a way to get rid of the one I'm still married to)

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone very special once told me that WE LOVE SOMEONE when...

We want to be with her all the time and cannot stand a moment apart...
We cannot stop thinking about her and wondering what she's doing...
We anticipate her wants and needs and will try our damndest to fulfill them...
We love, support, protect or at the very least respect everything that is important to her...
We give her the power to hurt us...

If you're reading this, I love you yang

Owner of a Broken Heart

4:39 PM  
Blogger Malaysian Tigress said...

Aw man!

I gotta ditch you Bergen, rescind the offer.

This Owner of a broken heart sounds good lah... "anticipate her wants and needs and do our damndest to fulfill them".

But can you cook that cekur thingy and clean up to operating theatre standards like Bergen???


8:16 PM  

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