Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swim The Blues Away.

When it's all hot and humid and not very nice to be around the house there's only one place to go and that would be the 50 meter public swimming pool to cool off, doing one lap after another, not thinking of anything in particular.
But there's a problem.
I can't find my goggles.  I saw it last in the kitchen but it's not here today. This puts a bit of delay in my plan to swim the blues away and you know how it is with the blues - they get bigger and bigger each minute you delay going to the public swimming pool to cool off. Before you know it, the blues will get so big that they will turn color from blue to purple, and who's gonna stop them from turning to black after that? And so before that happens, I said to myself something like this; why not go get a new pair of goggles? My inner voice says; it's not such a bad idea! And so here I am racing to a place in Subang Jaya where they've got a good collection of swimming goggles that come in all kinds of color and prices.
For a sales promoter of swimming items, I'd say she's a little on the plump side which is not good for the the general perception of a sport like swimming. On the other hand, it's a good thing because despite being a little on the plump side, she's all fired up to lose a bit of weight by first; promoting swimming items before she finally takes up swimming professionally to swim competitively for Malaysia in a game like the Olympics.
From swimming goggles she tries to get me buy this-just-arrived swimming suit that will make me look like Mr Spock. Or how about this fresh-out-of-the-factory swimming trunk that would land me in trouble for indecent exposure. Kick board. Swimming cap. Flippers. 
I just need a pair of swimming goggles, ma'am. And I'd appreciate it if you could show them to me before my blues get bigger and bigger that they will turn color to purple right before your eyes. Believe me, ma'am. You wouldn't like it when my blues turn to purple. 
I got my goggles and I'm heading straight to the public pool to swim the blues away. It doesn't cost much to swim them blues away, maybe 45 minutes of freestyle and 30 minutes of breaststroke. By the time I'm done the blues will go away and I'd be heading to Khalifah at Section 7  Shah Alam for a real man size's lamb biryani.


Blogger Zabs said...

Salam Bergen,
I bet you are glad that your blues had gone away with the marathon swimming.
During our cadet time, we have to pass a swimming test before we were allowed "shore leave" (keluar ke pekan untuk R&R). That was the only time when we take swimming seriously. And the only style I know and can do was the breaststroke. Haha...

7:59 AM  
Blogger cakapaje said...

Salam bergen,

Aaah, that's the life I'm dreaming as in swimming, then makan lamb briyani some more! Peewit! You have it made, my man.

Reading Pak Zabs comment, good thing army cadets are landbound that they did not have to learn how to swim. I mean, I may just find myself yelling for help in a 2feet deep pool. But off course, it has to be somewhere near a nurse hostel so they can practice CPR on me ;)

8:21 AM  
Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

I use to be able to do a few laps but now, a lap in a 25 meter pool would make me gasp.
Lamb Briyani> Now thats my kind of Briyani. I once had mutton Briyyani prepared by some mamaks from just slaughtered (Akikah) goat. My god it was simply superb.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Farah said...

A little late, I know - but welcome back, sir! Have missed you!

12:00 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

with or without goggles, come swimming back to blogosphere. WE've all missed you.

3:29 AM  
Blogger Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Bergen
That's right ...
I don't swim but hit the gym or go brisk walking, only to end up having something huge to eat right after that!!!

6:26 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Zabs: It usually works for me, sir. Sometimes when I get a little heavy in the head, all I've gotta is swim it off, or run it off. But these days it's getting more and more difficult to squeeze the time to do all this...especially when money is vanishing faster than I can say; where did all the money go? hehe

Cakapaje: LOL, nurse hostels don't come with the pool. None that I know of, that is. he he. I know a nurse in Assunta that would make you want to be sick enough to stay in the ward for a couple of days. hehe.

Kata Tak Nak: That's how it is. The mamak who cook for the occasion like aqiqah are usually very good at what they do. You'd better find that guy and make him teach you how to prepare the spices for the lamb. And call me when you've managed to squeeze the info outta him. Promise?

Farah: Thank you, ma'am.

Kak Teh: Good to see you, ma'am. How's Sir Awang doing? His latest entry is outta this world. I like that Bbaloh thing. I do it all the time. he he.

Fauziah Ismail: LOL, sometimes I wonder whether all those work-outs mean something. I always have the feeling that I pack in more food than what I've lost after the swim down. LOL.

Thank you for visiting, people! I'm off to make some money now that there none in the bank. LOL. So you people take care and keep blogging.

9:43 PM  

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