Friday, November 30, 2007

Tun Dr Mahathir Got It Far Worse.

People are saying all kinds of bad things about Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Some people pun his name as Bodowi. Which I think is too much. I hope Mr Abdullah can take all this. He must know that people said worse things about Tun Dr Mahathir. They called him names I wouldn't want to write here on account I don't like to repeat what people said about one of the brightest minds in the world who happen to be a Malay. They were angry with him that they didn't wanna see the fact that Tun was probably the best PM in the whole wide world. He did a lot for the country but to a lot of people, that wasn't good enough. The Malays considered Tun anti-Islam because to a Malay you are not a Muslim if you are not a PAS member. In fact it was the Malays who hated him more than the non-Malays that I find it uneasy because they allowed hatred to take over them not to see the good thing in people like Tun. I guess they are too good even for themselves that they consider themselves the most likely candidate to go to Heaven. I reckon they consider themselves a far better genius than the real genius since they got all the answers how to run this country.
They call Tun names that made me sad that fellow Muslims could have that much hatred inside their heart to call him Fir'aun. And they made fun of him by spelling his name Mahafir'aun. And they Photoshopped his pictures so they could laugh silly at the man who had helped bring a lot of good things to them. But they got a lot of hatred for the man in their heart that whatever Tun did was not good enough for them. They wanted him out. They wanted him dead. They conducted Solat Hajat at the Masjid or Surau, pleading to Allah to help them fulfil their wish. They hated him as if he was the worst guy who had ever lived.
And the non-Malays, after having witneseed for themselves how much the Malays hated Tun, came out in the open to say even worse things about him. And the Malay, having seen the non-Malays were with them on this issue, clapped and cheered, sang and danced. They wanted Tun dead and not mention in the history book. They didn't wanna see the good things Tun had done to raise the country so every Malaysian could say with pride to a foreigner; I am Malaysian. When Tun was in power, I was in Oslo. A guy had never heard of Malaysia but he heard of Dr Mahathir and there I was, a thousand miles from home, feeling like a million buck because I had me a Malay as the Prime Minister who put that much pride in me even though I had never met him in real life, and he too had never met me in person. But still, I could feel Tun was right there, standing behind me like a big guy, smiling down on me, whispering to me so the Norwegians could hear him; That's all right, son. Nothing to be afraid of. They are no more human than you and me, son. Go get 'em tiger! (No, the phrase Malaysia Boleh hadn't been invented yet at that time.)
Haven't the Malays learnt anything not to let hatred rule them over? Haven't Islam taught them not to allow this to cloud our judgement? I guess not. They are too good for us. They are the candidates for Heaven. And to most of them this country isn't Islamic enough. All because of Tun.
And now it's Mr Abdullah Badawi's turn. I hope you stay strong, sir. We've never met. Maybe we will never meet. But I hope you stay strong because unlike Tun, you don't come across to me as a fighter. A warrior. Tun is different. He's a fighter. A ball of fire ready to blow anyone who gets in his way. He's a warrior. He's the kind I'd like to be with when the kitchen is on fire. He's the kinda guy I wanna be with when there's only two of us standing against a million. He's the kinda of guy I wanna have as a partner to do battle armed only with a piece of stick against an army armed with the most powerful rifle in the world. He's the kinda guy I wanna have as the Prime Minister.
In this life, it helps to see the good thing in a person. It's fun to see the bad thing in a person because it makes us feel superior than the other guy. I have seen enough and heard enough to come to the conclusion that Muslims can hate their fellow Muslims more than the non-Muslims do in a life time. And only Malays can hate their brothers more than anyone else on earth. I saw it during Tun's time. And now I see it again with Mr Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Hatred is a dangerous thing. It can make you not see the big picture. That's not a surprise. The Malays are inclined to forgetfulness, and shortsightedness. It's a curse that won't break loose because we don't want to try to break free from it. We have learnt nothing from anything that has happened and I reckon we're gonna keep going this way until it is too late for us to learn anything at all. Or until it's too late to realise that the guy we've just killed is our own brother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tun actually protect the Malays more than the Malays know. The current PM is not. Any more minister like Tun that is around and reliable enough to be in the ring of politics?

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salam Sir,

I am not pro-Mahathir, rather, I am just kalis-politiks. It just doesn't touch me, no matter what, unfortunately.

But I have to admit that our country is a much better place because of Mahathir. No one can deny that, and if they do, I suggest we give them a country to rule and see how good they fair.

They probably wouldn't last 2 minutes.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous podgykat said...

Truer words have never been spoken; am with you on this, Bergen.

1:46 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Anonymous 9:10am: Maybe we'll have someone like Tun one more time but it won't be in this decade.

Ailin: We don't appreciate those who can do things for us but instead, we appreciate more those whom we perceived could do a lot for us based on the things they complain. In this case, Tun Dr Mahathir isn't good enough compared with Nik Aziz. All Kelantan has to do is build a bus stop and people are gonna say Kelantan is far better in terms of development than the rest of the states in Malaysia.

Podgykat: Gotta call a spade a spade. Gotta give credit where it's due. Gotta speak out when things ain't right. Gotta be brave to take a stand. Gotta be prepared to lose friends for the things you believe in. Gotta be honest.

To everyone who dropped by this way, enjoy what's left of the weekend.

10:58 AM  
Blogger muteaudio said...

After speaking to people who've worked with him..... this guy is special.

7:42 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Muteaudio: He is. Too bad people are gonna pass him off as an ordinary guy. It ain't right but UMNO is like that.

1:05 AM  
Blogger mad redo1 said...

I for one, is standing with you on this one. My experience with Tun was a brief handshake and even then the guy exuded charisma that no PM since has been able to emulate.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my brother's a factory worker (a fitter). He and his mates still remember the day Tun came to visit. He takes in a real genuine interest in the factory tour and asked questions and spent time. Unlike other visiting vips who just whizz by and pray for the tecnical part to be over.
Inspiring kan?

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well written. I'm all with you Bergen. To make a great country is to be united and productive. Put the religion, race or status aside. DrM is a true intelligent leader. I am a malay and live in US. People here are very well in tunes with Dr Mahathir's leadership. Guess what?! He is well respected here. I'm so proud to be coming from a small country with great leadership.

12:02 AM  

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