Friday, November 30, 2007

Lim Kit Siang For Prime Minister.

After winning big time in the next General Election, I may bet my toe that the first thing the Opposition is gonna do is to make it legal for every Malaysian to organize street rally. The Opposition knows better that this is basic democratic right of every citizen of this blessed country.
The Opposition is also gonna make sure that the election is clean. Don't worry about it, they know what to do, how to go about it to make this a reality for you and me. And since the Opposition has been the voice for the minority, you can bet your left toe that the Opposition is gonna listen to every little complaint you've got against the majority. For example, if you find it offensive that Muslims should slaughter the cows during Hari Raya Haji. No problem. All you've gotta do is go to any of the complaint centres that the Opposition will have set up once they take over the country. You can file your complain there and in a blink of an eye, the Opposition is gonna tell the Muslim to stop slaughtering the cows because it is offensive to a group of people. Same thing for example if you find it offensive that a steak house should advertise marked down prices of sirloin or rib eye or t-bone. All you've gotta do is complain and the Opposition will close down all the steak houses. Same thing if you find it offensive that McDonald or Burger King should serve burgers made of beef patties. File your complaint you won't find a single McDonald or Burger King to offend you for the rest of your life in this country. And we will dance to a happy tune singin', oh what a lovely country this is, oh what a wonderful country this is, thanks to the Opposition, long live Lim Kit Siang, may mothers give birth to more Lim Kit Siang, halejujah.
Same thing if you find for example the morning call to prayer, the morning Azan from the mosques, disturbing and offensive that it robs you of a nice sleep. File your complaints, people. And in the blink of an eye, the Opposition is gonna solve that problem for you and they're gonna make it illegal for mosques to install loud speakers to call the Azan.
Same thing if you find it offensive that people prod their bodies with iron rods, meat hooks, nails, javelin and take to the street dancing and singing. File your complaint and there won't be any show like that ever again on the street.
Same thing if you find the dragon dance noisy. File the complaint and the Opposition will have it solved for you.
The Opposition can solve all your problems and so what are you waiting for. Vote them in. Vote them in now.
And the Opposition is gonna tell the riot police to provide every one participating in the street rally with a rally pack containing, mineral water, orange juice, ponstan, whistle, roses, Belgium chocolate, karipap, and three-in-one teh tarik. The Opposition is gonna open the tender to everyone to supply this pack. Anyone can submit their tender. Anyone. Vote for the Opposition, they know better that there is no such thing as rights colliding with one another to cause friction. And you can bet your whole head that the Opposition is not gonna ask you to exercise tolerance anymore because we've had enough of tolerance under the UMNO/BN gomen. After all, rights don't go hand in hand with tolerance. Equal rights for every body. That's the way to go to a better Malaysia. Vote for the Opposition. Don't think. Just vote.
So far the Opposition hasn't made any promises about how they are gonna make right all the wrong things the BN gomen has done us in. Up to this point, the Opposition has made little effort to explain the plan they've worked out to make every Malay, Chinese, Indian and Bangsa Malaysia in particular happy and proud to be the lucky citizen of this blessed country. So far members of the Opposition have been the favorites among foreign news network for an interview. And they have used the opportunity to call a spade a spade and this has gotten us a lot of attention from people interested to know more about the bad things the UMNO/BN gomen is guilty of.
So far the Opposition has got us convinced that we'd better vote them in if we wanna see a better Malaysia where every one's equal and everyone is gonna get the same share of the giant economic pie. The pie that has been selfishly eaten among UMNO/BN folks that it has made a lot of people angry and frustrated that they have to come to this i.e putting Lim Kit Siang as Prime Minister because the guy knows more about how to run this country than the whole bunch of UMNO goons put together. Yea, the Opposition has got us convinced that this country is going straight down to hell if we don't vote them in in the next general election. The future is in the Opposition. It's the best bet there is and we'd better do the right thing.
P.S And the Opposition will never put anyone under ISA. As a matter of fact the first thing they'd do when they take over the country is abolish it once and for all.


Anonymous zara said...

They said, 'undi adalah rahsia' but then again, if you have a transparent ballot box, will we be using invisible ink when we cast our vote so that it would make our votes confidential (or deemed confidential) else the moment we walk out from that scribble-on-the-paper area, they gonna say "Hey, i know you vote for the xyz!".

Anyway, i like ur blog :)

2:49 PM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

Its gonna be crude if the Opposition is gonna do that.
But I think what the Opposition want is a more transparent procedure in running the nation. No more unnecesaary favouritsm in giving out contracts , no more rampant bribery, no more brokers for appoinment to important posts, no more selection of aides based on political parties.

I might be wrong but I might be right too.

6:47 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Zara: Yes, it's hard for us to believe that 'Undi anda adalah rahsia'. Quite frankly, I'm inclined to believe there's no such thing.

Tokasid: I got the impression these are the stuff that the Opposition is fighting for. They have been complaining about this for as long as I can remember that I reckon they're gonna do the right thing so that we don't have to put up with this ever again in our life.

As to the bribery thing, I believe it's not gonna away no matter who's in power. For as long as we're human, bribery and the things that everyone is complaining about is gonna be part of us. It depends on how close we are to the point of contact with the practices.

Please don't have the impression that I condone corruption, power abuse and stuff like that that UMNO/BN is guilty of. I believe there are good people in UMNO/BN just as there are bad people in the Opposition. And I believe I too can go both ways if I happen to be in the position where I can either make a lot of money, or to be honest to myself and to the people. I reckon some of them made the wrong choice. They got rich and it made more people want to be rich too. In the end it became a culture. In the end it became a way of life that those who do it got so good at it that they turn into a cartel. One day this is coming down. One day this is gonna explode.

10:10 PM  
Blogger tokasid said...


I know you don't condone corruption and power abuse. I read lots of your posting and I know hw you felt with all these nonsense that we are facing. And I know this entry is in a sarcastical way explaining the the goings on and that there might be no difference ,no matter who run the nation.

We have seen in the USA there is no difference in their foreign policies whether its the Republican or the Democrat.

But, I do hope if the Opposition wins, they might improve the situation,at least to the issues that they had been harping for years.Thats my hope.

12:01 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Maybe we'd get our wish that the Opposition will win in the next General Election. Maybe they'll win big to form a new government. So we are not that too far away from getting all our problems solved once and for all.

12:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just remember that the Constitution promises freedom of assembly. The reason it doesn't exist is because the alliance/BN Govt run by UMNO cannot stomach criticism about its cronyism, waste of public money and outright corruption in all sectors of our economy. Successful countries are all transparent, allow criticism and don't abridge freedoms. It's your choice if you want to vote and for whom. Don't be afraid of rumours that your vote is not secret. The Govt (whichever party forms it) just cannot lock up millions of people. Sometimes I think that MIC, MCA etc spread these rumours just to scare voters.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Al-Haris Khairun An-Nur said...

Peace to all,

Lim Kit Siang for PM? Anwar Ibrahim for PM? Who?

Thats why never trust politicians. They make the average people called "rakyat" to clash and kill each other for their sake (eventhough they claimed its for the rakyat.

To all smart people out there don't be fooled by this mind game. BN or BA its all the same,once they have powers they forget their promises.

By the way last but not least, if i hv to choose a PM, i'll choose Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Why? Because i am muslim, the undivided one. As a matter of fact i support any muslim regardless of their race because in Islam race does not matter.

4:01 PM  

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