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They're Gettin' Pretty Good At Walkin'

These last few months people have taken their displeasure to the street more often than I have lamb curry that I'm beginning to believe the government should just let these people do all the walking they need to work up the anger or disappointment in them. That way they'd be too busy doing the walking that they have no time to do the thinking how to make this country a better place the way they have always perceived it according to all the theories and solutions they think they've gotten them all figured out. If these people think they are smarter than everyone in the government then I believe the government should just let them think so and since they are so smart to do the walking to disrupt traffic in the city, I'd say give them all the space in the world so they can do all their walkin' and talkin' and writin' and bloggin' and shoutin' in a dedicated place like the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Who knows, the government can even turn this into a money making event, bringing in all the tourists from all over the world to watch them do all the walkin' about in the stadium. The government can even charge the tourist something like RM5.oo per person and allocate RM1.00 for the mineral water for all those kind enough to do the walkin' for the government. After a few years, the government can award this people with a medal in recognition for all the walkin' and shoutin' and makin' faces for the pictures to be inserted in the blogs dedicated to the art of protesting, Malaysian bloggers style, that is.
I know I've got good ideas. I've been doing a lot of reading, that's why I'm smarter now to know any better that most of those who've got nothing nice to say about the government are very good at writing anti-government entries in their blogs but you can bet your left ear that the are completely at sea when it comes to practical things like how to run a country.
Like PAS when it took over Trengganu after having won the state from BN. PAS is pretty good at complainin' and sayin' they knew better how to run a state according to the Islamic principles since they've masterd all the kitabs and sirah how the khalifahs administered their charge. And since every PAS high-profile politician is waris ulamak, they figured they are the best person to cleanse Trengganu from the sins of the BN government. They figured they could turn Trengganu into a model Islamic state. They got their chance but blew it after a few days when things started to go haywire. They couldn't figure how to come up with a workable and efficient schedule to collect garbage that the state was in complete mess during their time. In theory, yes, they yak yak giving you the impression they know a lot but when it comes to going down to the floor, the practical things, they are as clueless as a goat with amnesia. That's the problem with people who talk too much. Or write too much. Or read too much.
There are anti-government blogs that I used to admire for the things you don't find in mainstream newspapers. But after a year of reading these I'm beginning to doubt about the picture they paint of the country. All I've gotta do is go down to one of the malls in the city to see for myself if the country is in deep trouble as they say it is in the blogs.
What is more interesting is, a lot of these blogs are owned by people who used to hold high-profile jobs in the government. Some of them were politicians from the ruling party. But after having fell out with the management of the day, these people turned radical and controversial as if they've just discovered the word. I ask myself, why these people did nothing, say nothing and saw nothing when they were on the payroll. Now all of a sudden they see things as if they just discovered vision after being a blind for a good 20 years or so getting good salary in the government-controlled newspapers. I don't take these type of vermin seriously. They are good for the source of entertainment but I wouldn't want them to take over the country.
Newspaper editors, politicians, journalists and all sorts of people run these blogs. Gosh, your days are over, mate. There's a high-profile newspaper guy who owns a blog writing about all the bad things the government is doing but I remember him well. He took on Anwar Ibrahim as if the poor guy was the worst creature ever lived. And now that he's outta job, he's singing a different tune. Why don't you think of something more productive to do like running a can manufacturing business. Or if you don't have enough capital, you can start small selling nasi lemak by the roadside. And if the authorities come to dismantle your stall there's always the walkin' and shoutin' to do every other weekend.


Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

In some ways you are right, I can't agree more, but as far as some or most of the complaints go, many are valid. Lets not look at malls, they are always in cities where the money folks are, listen to the complaints of commoners like clerks and teachers and wage earners coz for some reason they are the majority.

Why do they take to the streets? I'm sure NST would not even give me a page 20, 3 line entry if I were to complaint about a certain deficiency in the delivery system. If I were to write it 20 or 30 times and yet not see print I may just be tempted to resort to something more dramatic wouldn't I?

As far as charging a fiver for a seat in Bukit Jalil I think that is not enough coz the mineral water alone would cost them something like 20 per bottle.

5:35 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Kata Tak Nak: Maybe certain adjustment has to be made to cope with prices of things that keep increasing. Maybe we gotta change our lifestyle by relying less on tv for entertainment so we don't have to pay Astro. Maybe we've gotta learn to make the most of the groceries by teaching the family not to waste food. Maybe we gotta learn to quit smoking because it is obviously not going to do anyone any good. Maybe we gotta transfer the money we save on cigarette to make adjustment on the new price of bread. Maybe we gotta learn to re-cycle clothes. Maybe we gotta learn to wear cheap stuff and be proud of it. Maybe we gotta spend less on food during Ramadan and fast the way it is supposed to be done. Maybe we gotta drive smaller cars to pay less on fuel. Maybe we gotta spend less time talking, and find a second job like people in advanced countries. Maybe we gotta sleep less and learn up a new skill like working with wood, or how to repair engines, or how to cook. Maybe we gotta complain less and figure out a way to survive because the government ain't listening and we know that they are going to keep rising prices. Maybe we gotta try to cope. We gotta. There's no other way.

I'm not teaching people how to live, sir. This would be the last thing I wanna do because I've don't have people who depend on me for food. But I've done volunteer work with the poor and destitute to know any better that we gotta be prepared to make the necessary adjustment to our lifestyle. After all, things don't stay the same and it's gonna harder and harder to live as we get older.

Ma'af dan ampun jika terkasar bahasa, cikgu.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

Please, please don't 'minta maaf dan ampun' for disagreeing or having a different perception between friends. We have to agree to diasagree in a civil way.

You've got a point about affecting changes in lifestyles when the ringgit becomes ever so light. Yes, all that talkin should only come after the proper adjustments have been made or at least while an adjustment is being made because you sure as hell know that not many up there care as long as they themselves are not pinched.

As for the walkin, it was not to protest the rising cost of living but rather to protest the transparency of the SPR, something a change in lifestyle would not have an effect on.

Maybe it is because they see the SPR as being the election agent of a certain party instead of the independent body to conduct free and fair elections that it should be. Just because those who wanted to vote, got to vote, doesn't mean the elections are fair does it?

So far we haven't had a walk yet to protest the purchasing power of the ringgit, but if it does happen, I can assure you it wouldn't be pretty coz hungry people don't make handsome marchers.

In a way we are lucky that people are talkin and whinin about the present cost of living rather than hitting the streets.

One more thing please if you don't mind. Your take on PAS and Trengganu somehow evades an important issue. The people of Trengganu were punished for switching their allegiance by the withdrawal of about 800 million a year worth of royalty.
We all know that 800 million is a hell of a lot for a poor state. Take the 800 million away and the annual federal aid and what do they have left.
Deny the people of Trengganu information with the aid of all the media available. Paint a devil over the faces of the ulamaks and use the media to make sure the people see these faces that they painted coz they are too poor anyway to have internet and too inadequately educated enough to understand what is in the internet
Use the SPR fully to 'work with them not for them' (does it ring a bell) and the rest is history.
Did PAS get the sack because their leaders are only good at yak yak yaking and know nothing about ruling? I beg to differ.

5:02 AM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

just came back from a hectic trip up north.
Will comment later.
But that Ma Baker was cool.

3:49 PM  

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