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You Don't Play Play With Aqidah.

It is easy to become a Muslim. All you gotta do is accept that; there is no god except Allah. You don't have to change your name from Alberto to Ali, or Susan to Suriani. As far as Islam is concerned, you are a Muslim. And if by the twist of fate that you die two minutes after saying; there is no god except Allah, you die a Muslim. As Muslim as a guy who has been a Muslim all his life.

And so you may wanna ask who is this Allah? Is He the same god the Christians pray to? Or the same god the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists or the Baha'is pray to? Why is it that to become a Muslim you must first deny the existence of any other gods? Why is it that you must never accept the notion Allah co-exists with gods the Christian pray to, and the Jews and the rest of the religions pray to.

And so you ask who is this Allah?

Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!

Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
And there is none like unto Him.

Surah Al Ikhlas

This is your Allah you pray to. This is not the same god that others pray to. He says so in Surah Al-Kafirun:

Say you, O infidels!
I worship not that you worship.
And nor you worship what I worship.
And I shall not worship what you worship.
And nor you shall worship what I worship.
For you, your religion. and for me my religion.
Now that you have more or less understood who is this Allah that you have accepted wholeheartedly as your god, does it make sense to you when a guy or a girl says that all gods is the same? Does it mean kitchen god, table god, bathroom god and spoon god are the same as Allah? Or Jesus is the same as Allah? Does Jesus qualify to be described by this ayat?
Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
He begeth not nor is He begotten.
And there is none like unto Him.

Or is it right for you to say that you have met god at the airport waiting in line to buy teh-tarik? What kind of god he is, sharing the same attributes as you who enjoy teh tarik, a smoke, and go to the toilet?

Or what about a guy who says god is a friend he turns to in times of trouble, a shoulder to cry on, someone he talks to when he's feeling under the weather. Is that who god is? A friend?

When you accept that there is no god except Allah, you put Allah above everything else. Above your mother or your father. Or your wife or your mistress, or your sports car. You even put Allah above logic. And so when Allah says pray five time a day, you pray and you don't question and you don't know why. When Allah says perform your Haj, you do it, walking around the Ka'abah 7 times and you don't know why. And when Allah Says to the Prophet Ibrahim, slaughter your only son Ismail, he does it without questioning. Yes, you put logic way down and Allah way up.

When you accept that there is no god except Allah, you become His servant, and He, your master. A servant, no matter who you are. You may be a CEO of an oil company or a president of the United States, a janitor of a school in Kudat. Or an accountant of an international audit company. No matter who you are as far as Allah is concerned, you are nothing but a servant. That's who you are, a servant. Worse off than the Indonesian maid. As a servant you don't ask questions, you accept everything in the Qur'an wholeheartedly and you are willing to die for what you believe in because this is same Allah who says that if you die defending Islam, the only rightful reward for you is Heaven.

Is there a god out there whom you accept as your Master you are willing to die for? The Christian in the Philippines are willing to be nailed to the cross but are they willing to die on the cross in the name of Jesus? The way 'Jesus' died on the cross and was left hanging there for three days that it left the world to move on without a god for a good three days. Which makes you wonder what kinda god is that when he dies, eats and drinks and goes to the toilet like you and me.

And so you ask who is this Allah? Why is He different from other gods? Why Allah warns you that if you as much as compare him with others, your rightful place in the hereafter is hell. If you happen to believe in the existence of heaven and hell, that is.

Maybe you have cooked up the notion of Allah in your head all by yourself while watching CSI New York. Imagining that He's cool about a lot of things that seem pretty harmless to you like missing a prayer of two because you are busy running a business, or watching a concert. You say, He's the forgiving kind so He won't mind. So you think because you consider him a friend, not Master. And since you don't consider yourself a servant because you don't like the idea of being submissive, and this whole concept about submission to you is no better than blind faith, you imagine god is as good as an open-minded dude who reads more than you.

Maybe you imagine Allah behaves like this in a situation like this, and behaves like that in a situation like that. Of course you cook up all this in your head because you consider it backward to study Tauhid, and you don't want to be all that Muslimic to have to go to the mosque to follow classes in Tauhid, Fiqh, Tassawuf, Tafsir and Hadith. You just wanna be a Muslim on a wedding day, hari raya and on the funeral day. For the rest of the time, you just want to be an open-minded Muslim who believe that religions are the same, all gods are the same, it doesn't really matter who you pray to as long as you pray to a god. Maybe you are not the same as the folks who carve gods out of wood, stones, cement, marble, jade or gold but in your mind you have a pretty good idea who god is according to your imagination and therefore you don't like it when you have to submit to Allah without a question or two since you are known to be the inquisitive kind, the intellectual kind. So you think.

Does all this make you think that I am a dogmatic person who can't live in a multi-religious society? Does all this make you have the impression that I live in a shell all by myself without having to rely on Mr Ragunathan to deliver my morning paper, Mr Chong to take my surat khabar lama, Uncle Simon from whom I obtain the up-date on the activities of the Little Sisters of The Poor St. Francis Xavier Home for the Elderly. Or Auntie Dorothy who depends on me to drive her every Saturday to see her son in Cheras. Does all this give you the impression that I am the type who can't wait for something like a religious unrest to happen so that I can bring out my collection of knives to the street?
Obviously you are the type who jump the gun, putting your emotion above logic. You wanna be careful because this can get your blood going up and give you a bad heart.
Disclaimer: Bergen is not responsible for some of the comments posted by visitors in this blog especially for the entry 'Don' Play Play With Aqidah.' I believe some the comments have completely deviated from the subject. They were posted to incite Malay sentiments which this entry doesn't even include in the discussion. Quite frankly, I fail to see the causal link between being Malay, migrating to Australia, NEP, Malay rights, and the topic of this entry.


Blogger JoKontan said...

Thanks Sir Bergeng.

Thanks a Lot !

10:56 AM  
Blogger JoKontan said...

Satu lagi Sir,.

"We're Innocent". Boy ! I do enjoy it thoroughly..

11:10 AM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

You've done it again. tarik rambut dalam tepung.Rambut tidak putus tepung tidak berselerak.
Thank you.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Bergen
Well put, good read.

1:47 PM  
Blogger demonsinme said...

Master Bergen:

"Before knowing god know one self. Before taking arms tp proptect god's legacy, take arms to portect yourself first".

Those were the words of a very old man. Straightfowrdly, one would read it to a conclusion so why bother? Just as long 'I am what I am' so everything is okay.

Then, a kid i know said something that makes me rethink religion from another angle - LEARN, UNDERSTAND then you'll KNOW and UNDERSTAND what religion is all about.

The prophet himself showed us that respect and love is everything, but, that does not mean we have to lowered ourself up to the where our believe is treated badly or elevate ourself to a height that we look down on others (religion, believes, dress style etc) - hence the comes the sura Al Kafiruun and a few other.

Also, it does not mean that we should let or be dhool wa dholalan (lost and making lost - sesat lagi menyesatkan) to roam free.

And again, an unwanted-after comment-gift for you -

Pasang pasak berapit-rapit,
Boleh bergasak bila di dapur,
Amat rugi berpesak sempit,
Bakal rabak bila di bukit.

Resam kaki mendaki bukit,
Betis letih perut pun pedih,
Apa guna diurut si sakit,
Yang menahan angin di perut buncit.

Menahan angin di perut buncit,
Melawan pedih berlagak sombong,
Meminta pimpin pada selampit,
Membawa rintih bila bila di kolong.

And Master Bergen, this post IS a very very enlighting piece.


7:42 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Jokontan: Lakk, mung! Bakpe lamer dok napok batang idung? Mung gi ttape atah bukit mana? Kolestrol turung ke naik? Kalu naik baik mung gohek basikal biar sapa ppeluh jjeruk. You take care now, y'hear mate? Good to have you here. It's been ages.

Tokasid: It's good to see you, doc.

Fauziah Ismail: Thank you,ma'am. You be sure to have a nice day now, y'hear?

DIM: I don't understand much of what you said but I do understand your closing line though. LOL. Thank you.

To everyone who came by this way for a visit, thank you. You be sure to stay safe, watch your back. It's not a safe place out there, especially for children. If you have themselves, do take extra care to be sure they are safe.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Sayuti said...

sir, well written! :)

3:44 AM  
Blogger Theta said...

I came over when the title of this blog and its ending were something else. :)

But the essence remains the same.

When some people keep insisting that all Gods are the same, they are most likely referring to the concept of believing in a monotheistic God. True, there are the 'People of the Book', but as Muslims, when Allah commanded mankind to follow His teachings as transmitted through His final Messenger - the Seal of Prophets - Prophet Muhammad, we must carefully draw the distinction amongst the number of monotheistic faiths and not to clump them together into a messy, twisted whole.

Great witty piece again, Sir Bergen.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And when Allah Says to the Prophet Ibrahim, slaughter your only son Yousof, he does it without questioning.

I think it was Ishmael (Ismail), not Yusof. that you are refrerring to.

Prophet Ismail was Prophet Ibrahim's eldest son by Hajar, his maid.

He had another son, Isaac (Ishak) by his 1st wife, Sara.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous adik said...

Bergen sir,

Thank you!

8:40 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Sayuti: Thank you, sir.

Theta: Thank you, ma'am.

Anonymous: Thank you for pointing that out. I've corrected that. Nabi Yousef is the handsome prophet. Yes, you got that right about the Nabi Ibrahim's family. Nabi Ismail side, Nabi Ibrahim's son with Siti Hajar is the Arab side. And Nabi Ishak, Nabi Ibrahim's son with Siti Sara is the Jews side. Yes, Siti Sara and Nabi Ibrahim was without a child for a long time, and Nabi Ibrahim married Siti Hajar. They travelled to Arabia, and Siti Hajar left Nabi Ismail by himself in search of water. This is for another story on Telaga Zam Zam.

Thank you anonymous, thank you very much for pointing that out. I got too excited writing it.

Adik: Thank you, ma'am. Alhamdulillah. I don't deserve the praises, I am just a servant.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Raden Galoh said...

Salam Sir Bergen... Wow! You put really well...this is another piece that's thought provoking...Thank you for sharing. You really make me think..especially in times like this!

11:06 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Raden Galoh: Thank you, ma'am. I'm just doing my job, ma'am.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Pootz in Boots said...

This is what "Taqlid" is all about Sir Bergen. Following without understanding.
But of course, some may take it the wrong way. Cheers mate!

4:43 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Pootz in Boots: Obviously you are a learned person in the discipline of Takrif. Thank you for visiting, ma'am.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Azer Mantessa said...

a wise says - should we think logically, we ought to polish the underneath side of the leather shoe not the leather ... meow

9:23 AM  
Blogger Monster Mom said...

can't agree with u more sir!

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Hantu Siber said...

it was very enlightening to read this article of yours. really put in perspective how "Ad-Din" affects us in our every day life. how our interactions with our own society and such.

back to God, the way you put it, really deepens our faith in the right path. we've been bombarded all our lives with scientific findings about super beings visiting earth and guiding people to build monuments way beyond their capabilities and such ... that makes you wavered a little : to follow science or "taglid" as mentioned by sis Pootz in Boots.

continue churning good articles as this Sir, very brilliant of you.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous samp said...

Where are the ministers children studying? I would suggest that Pak Lah draw up and publicly disclose a list of our politicians sons and daughters and where they are studying now.

Believe me, almost all of them are studying in private schools, private colleges, overseas boarding schools or universities. And why? Because they are much better than our national schools and most importantly, have English as the medium of instruction!

The present education system is a continuation of the colonial legacy that was established as a political patch-up to garner the support of the various divergent groups at that time.

To a large extent, each group was interested in safeguarding its own interests rather than thinking of a united nationhood. After that, even minor changes have met with resentment from these groups as they have become more and more uncompromising.

Once upon a time we Malaysians took pride in living as a multiracial society. It was with great joy that we shared our cultural knowledge, information and diversities with one another.

Today sadly, the reverse has happened. Each ethnic group in the country is unabashedly looking after their own self-interest. It appears that the respective race groups in the country are only too glad to maintain the welfare of their own self-interests.

As Malaysians, are they to be blamed for the fast eroding sense of affection and compassion towards fellow Malaysians? Maybe not, looking at the way in which some 'leaders' here are busy politicising racial issues and interests.

People's empowerment through education must be a foresight to be pursued. Education is no longer seen as a privilege of the ruling class to be manipulated for political interests. It is a basic human right to which all Malaysians are entitled. Therefore every Malaysian has a right to envisage what form of education she or he wants.

I believe education has to be democraticised by introducing into the curriculum values which will guard against racism, discrimination, cronyism, corruption and abuse of power. Socialisation of education is the next step in education reform where the people are empowered to formulate what kind of education they would want for their children.

Globalisation will force us to adopt a more cosmopolitan approach towards our education system and this is something we can't avoid. Our country education system has to be tailored to fulfill the needs of the international atmosphere while taking into account its responsibility to national demands, local communities and ethnic groups.

The present Malaysia education system is no more than a certificate-manufacturing factory. It lacks a vision despite that fact that Malaysia is only 12 years away from the year 2020.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous vesewe said...

Very funny indeed. The only reliable section worth reading in Malaysia newspapers are the comic sections. Period.

Get real.

Alternative news and blogs are not accurate because they don't carry all the stories of rape and incest that the mainstream media carry. That surely puts the country in bad light because readers will think that these things don't happen in Malaysia and it could be misleading.

Yes, along the way, let us dump the Federal Constitution and replace it with the Umno Constitution, that ought to do the trick!

Bodowi, Badawi, Baboowi, where were you born? When were you born? You try so hard to be more stupid than yesterday and only yesterday we thought you cannot be any more stupid than the day before!

You came back from your holidays rehearsing all your answers and you were talking like a canary……….suddenly, you revert to your old incredibly stupid self. Bodowi, Badawi, Baboowi, sigh.

We all know that the mainstream media are indirect or direct controlled by the government. Therefore the truth will never be known by people on the streets, only what they read from the newspapers.

Websites are the truth uncensored news, may it be the truth or the lies, let the people be the judge of it, instead feeding only lies.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous tim said...

(1) Some malays will say:

· Without Mahathir, who is going to fight for us?

· Without Mahathir, where can Malaysia go?

· Without Mahathir, we will all die?!.

(2) Independence malays will say:

· I don't need Mahathir to make a living.

· I don't need Mahathir to fight for my respect and dignity.

· I don't need Mahathir so that I can gain recognition on my own two feet.

But sadly to say, most Umno malays fall into category (1). The malays mindset, when are they going to change!

Umno malays mentality:

They want money but they don't want to work for it. They want investment but at the same time, they are afraid of being taken advantage by foreigners. The real fact is, nobody is taking advantage of them.

The fact is, Umno malay leader has spoil their own malays.

The fact is, Umno malay leader has never think about the malays.

The fact is, Umno malay leader in the name of "fighting for the rights of malays" has abuse their power to enrich themselves.

The fact is, Umno government has destroy their own reputation by being unfair to their own citizens include their own malays.

The fact is, Umno government has display no respect for international rules, no fair play, don't play by international rules, being a recalcitrant like Mahathir, and hence no respect from anybody on earth.

The fact is, Umno government is corrupted to the core and always wants something in return by just giving speech and signing a few documents.

The fact is, Umno government does not get much recognition from other nations except for third world countries like Zimbabwe, Somalia and Cuba.

The fact is, Umno government can never provide high skills job to the malays. MNC company can provide high skills job to the malays.

The fact is, there is no substantiate fact to justify that Umno malay leader has improve the education levels of their own malays.

The fact is, so many malays can't get high skills job is because Umno malay leader has fail to emphasize education as much as Chinese parents onto their children.

The fact is, Proton is failing. The fact is, MAS is failing. The fact is, Malaysia is failing.

The fact is, malay land will never be develop, unless Malaysian Chinese, Singaporeans or MNC company invest and create value out of it.

The fact is, Mahathir has brainwash malays into believing that Umno will be their free welfare system, insurance system, and also provides money and food for all malays as long as they can.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous reek said...

As usual, Pak Lah has no backbones.

The prime minister has degenerated to a pathetic figure, devoid of any authority and direction to bring our Malaysia nation of diverse culture and religion to a harmonious conclusion.

Racial and religious harmony is being replaced in stages, by racial
and religious animosity and insecurity.

Can Malaysia afford to have its people facing these uncertainties over and over again without its attendant consequences?

This is in fact a serious issue with magnifying effects that could determine the dynamics and the maturity of the Malaysia civilisation. Please someone do something. Where a Spiderman suit and then climb on to the top of the Twin Towers shouting Malaysia Boleh!

In the past few months I have seen weakness seeping into Pak Lah leadership. He seems to be unable to resolve shortcomings in the Malaysia society. He seems to be all talk but when push comes to shove, he routes towards the usual malay Malaysian way to please all other relations.

Why no change? Simple. No guts. The man has no stomach for real change. He is hopeless.

In the era of no guts Pak Lah, you can't expect him to change what is culturally entrenched. He will cave, he don't have what way to lead these people.

Their ambition grows everyday not less with the more that they have. Hence there is no way these people will change anything unless we ourselves are willing to sink into their level of abuse, self-destruction and unfairness.

I am not into psychoanalyzing what the prime minister does or does not do. Suffice for me to state the guy is clueless as to what the issue is and what the fuss (according to him) is all about. He is more like the head of state of a third world country rather than head of the executive.

The characteristic that Pak Lah portrayed only exists in pariah nation and third world. An advanced and respected nation does not have this type of people to lead a country. Bolehland at the moment fulfill all the requirements as a pariah nation. Give him a job with the snoop squad.

They need to replace him - and soon.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous yoy said...

The lazy malays are not ready for free market. Yet Pak Lah is on the move regardless of its pace.

It is true that without meritocracy the malays will never be able to compete with anyone. The malays have to depend on the Chinese and Indians to do the work of the malays. So the malays are indeed helpless except to wait for the durian to drop.

The stronger the NEP the worse off it is for the malays. If malays cannot compete in their home, how can they compete in America! When the oil and gas run dry in Malaysia, the malays will be "maids" of the world, taking over from the Filipinos.

Bravo, NEP and otak udang malays. Time to learn to live in harmony with the valuable non-malays.

The NEP is unique in this world and while the system can fool the locals - they cannot fool the foreigners including our Asean partners. Let us be the only country not having free trade agreement (FTA) with the US. It is a great honour.

Why have FTA when our goods can already have access to the US markets. Only problem is we don't have competitive goods to market there!

That is the direct result of neglect to build an indigenous base of Malaysia manufacturers. Local entrepreneurs had been starved of support from the government more interested in giving free handouts with the money.

This is the direct result of short sightedness and mismanagement of Malaysia economy by the previous administration.

We hope Pak Lah will find ways to make Malaysia goods more competitive by supporting the best talents around instead of seeing them going away to foreign countries and competing against our products.

The way it is going, even I am going soon.

We are already by passed by many countries. Vietnam and Thailand are now the favored destinations. Yes, we are still too proud of being good for nothing. If we are not careful, prediction by somebody may come to reality.

Then you will find Malaysians plying as maids in Vietnam or Philippines. The males would probably be hounded as illegal immigrants in the said countries. Time to wake up! Others are passing us by.

We can export lot of things but the MNCs are mostly foreign or American owned, they are willing to make a long route sending back their goods to their countries because there are still comparative advantages after paying shipping costs. They will move out to other competitive regions when the advantages disappear.

Even if the playing field is leveled, the malays would still lose out because they have to play with their crutches on. Imagine playing football with crutches on. How to play? You take away their crutches in order for them to play better, they will complain they are not ready. So how?

Resistance is futile. You either surf the wave of globalization with a surfboard or you drown while trying to ride the wave using your wheelchairs and crutches.

Rafidah said that she will never compromise on the NEP etc, in her negotiations with the US. See what I mean about the NEP. This is Umno rice bowl, the special rights, the NEP, etc. This is how Umno's power is derived from.

All Umno bigwigs will fall back on the NEP and the three ketuanan policies (special right, malay master, Islam) when under political pressure. And to think that Mahathir was working towards changing the mindset of the malays! What cock was he talking about?

Malaysia economy is being monopolised by Umno which benefited by a few individuals only. By agreeing to FTA with America will benefit the majority instead.

NEP is all bullshit and it does not benefit malays at all. It only benefit a few individuals, people must realised that by opening up Malaysia economy to FTA, the wealth will spreads evenly among the people.

NEP is monopolized policies and it does not benefit malays as well, but if it does how the malays are still poor? So don't listen to these bastards lies. What they do are for their own benefits only, nothing more.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous ruyom said...

But of course non-malays, especially the non-malays born after 1957 will see things differently.

First of all, they did not choose to come to Malaysia, especially not with its present system of government. It is not their fault that the British, more than one hundred years ago, brought in so many Chinese and Indians, and made the Umno malays feel insecure.

It is not their fault that many of the immigrants, with the permission of the British, toiled to be successful and that made the Umno malays felt threatened by it. And since when did success become something you have to be punished for instead of celebrating?

It is not their fault that English is the dominant language of technology, science, diplomacy, commerce, and just about any branch of knowledge and has been entrenched in Malaysia since 1786.

They can't understand why the government is hell bent on destroying the system of government left behind by the British, a system that Singapore kept, enhanced and used to become one of the richest, most well planned, most advanced, competitive, cleanest and admired countries on earth, despite being just a rock the size of island.

They feel puzzled that the Umno-controlled government talks with a forked tongue - asking Malaysians to be united and at the same time - asking the non-malays to accept second class citizenship, and then Tun Razak own son Najib threatened to bathe a keris (dagger) with Chinese blood. To them, this is a contradiction.

Why were Chinese and Indians in the armed forces here Malaysia etc, in significant numbers before the 1970s? And there are a lot of lucrative deals in the army and police, and some are below the table and some like it that way.

"Why is that there are so few Chinese in the armed forces?"

Well, I think you know the answer why. Like so many government institutions, there was a form of ethnic cleansing in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, which saw the determined push of non-malays out in favor of increasing the number of malays both at the rank and at the leadership positions.

That is why you see a dramatic change in the complexion of the government if you compare, say the 60s and 90s. That is why non-malays avoid government institutions, not just the armed forces - it is the same with organizations like Bank Negara, EPF, etc.

Over the years, the Malaysia government institutions have evolved into very hostile environments for the non-malays.

Look at Singapore, the Chinese are in the army etc, so are the Indians and the malays. Yes there was an issue with the malay pilots. But there are significant Indians there in the civil service as an example since the Chinese are majority there.

Anyhow, onto the comments that touch on Singapore experience. Yes, making English the medium of instruction has served Singapore well. Just the other day, I was at a conference held by an MNC and employees came from all over Asia.

One of the most senior people in from the Singapore office was a malay and he was highly articulate, and obviously made it to such a high position based on his capabilities. And he is not the first Singaporean malay I met that held an important position in an MNC.

I always wondered why some Malaysian malays in some other forums say that if Malaysia adopts Singapore system, they will not survive. The Singaporean malays I met are doing just fine. Yes, many Malaysian malays hate Lee Kuan Yew and indeed Lee may have been a racist, but the Singapore system existed before him, he refined it, and people who came after him keep refining it, and it works well.

Anyway, yes it is anecdotal but nonetheless, these Singaporean malays I met are doing well. Whenever I go to Singapore, I see Singaporean malays working productively, and everyone in Singapore is virtually guaranteed a decent house.

They have access to world class education, world class government planning, world class landscaping, world class medical facility, world class public safety, world class shopping, world class transportation, world class working environment (and due to Singapore high per capita income and strong Singapore dollar, they earn enough to afford good stuff to

You want to know why so many Malaysians choose to be discriminated in white man's land or go south? It is not because of the NEP.

It is because our right to be Malaysians has been questioned. It is one thing to have to sacrifice for your fellow citizens. It is another thing to sacrifice for a citizen of a country where you don't even belong.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous miya said...

The malays (I mean the poor) would appreciate a helping hand and just show them what to do so that a day will come in the future where no section in our Malaysian society needs government dole (taxpayers hard earned cash), which could be used to enhance the social security net for all Malaysians.

Having said these, there are also poor Chinese and Indians and these should also be given a helping hand by both the government and the compassionate people at large.

Helping one another is a win-win situation and would create a society that really cares, thereby solving communal problems and promoting unity.

Helping the malays by raising the standard of malays is ok. But helping the malays by lowering the standard of non-malays so that the gap is smaller, is another story.

That is why many malays do not understand why some non-malays are so fussy with the issue of malay special rights.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous fargoman said...

I am a former Malaysian who has lived half my life in Australia. I feel that it is incumbent on me to lay bare the cupboard as it were so that people can gain an accurate insight of what real life is like for an Asian migrant in a country like Australia.

Like the many tens of thousands who saw no future for our children in the land of our birth that we deeply loved, we came to Australia with heavy and trepidation hearts in the days following the dismantling of the odious and shameful race-discriminating White Australia policy.

Apart from free speech and the right to express one's views without fear of any backlash, one of the first things we found was that race and religion have no place whatsoever in Australian society.

After determining for ourselves in real life that there was no racial group that was regarded as being superior to any other group and that we had precisely the same rights as any other Australian, we determined to be even more productive citizens.

The rewards soon arrived. Owing to their comparatively good results in the Higher School Certificate examinations, our children were in the envious position of choosing and picking the courses and the universities they wished to attend - and all for free.

In return, Australia has benefited greatly from the high income taxes that our children are now paying in their chosen professions.

In this regard, will be disappointed to learn that I do not own a business, let alone a prosperous one to hand down to my children. My children have to make their way in mainstream Australian life like everyone else - and so they should.

It would be comforting for most people to know that in Australia it is unlawful to discriminate against anyone on color, race, religion or sex. Equal rights for all means precisely that - no buts, no ifs about it. Hence it is possible for anyone of any faith who so desires and is good enough to become prime minister of Australia.

A large amount of the high taxes we pay goes towards the upkeep of the unemployed, the disabled, the needy and the pensioners. There are no freebies or special concessions for anyone else.

As freedom of speech is recognised as a basic right of every citizen, migrants have no problems expressing their complaints or views of corrupt or incompetent or self-serving bureaucrats or politicians in the open media. An impartial judicial system exists for all to take matters further.

Citizens have the right to preserve whatever cultural heritage, customs and language they are comfortable with and there are organisations set up to address whatever complaints and problems they may encounter in the pursuit of their traditional way of life.

Pensions and other forms of welfare payment are issued strictly on a means-tested basis. If anything, the system has been accused of being far too fair and generous. Malaysian retirees and others who have not paid any taxes or worked in Australia have been known to receive pensions in Australia after satisfying the mean and residential criteria.

As race is such a non-issue in this country, nobody cares or bothers to pay any attention to the financial success or failure of any particular race in the community. To do so is to invite scorn and ridicule. After all, we are all Australians together.

The same benchmark that is set with respect to asset acquisitions, educational and professional standards, job promotions, opportunities and so forth applies to everyone bar none.

Given the special privileges accorded, apparently in perpetuity, malays in Malaysia will clearly find Australia a turn-off. On the other hand, minority non-malays who are not as fortunate may have a different viewpoint.

3:15 PM  
Blogger bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Bergen Sir

Aku tak reti orang putih. Tapi aku jenis yang tak percaya Allah boleh dilihat oleh mata manusia, bila-bila pun!

Kalau aku dilihat tak percaya apa yang didakwa sebagai hadith yang mendakwa Allah boleh dilihat, aku terima.

Kalau Allah boleh dilihat, apa beza Dia dengan kita yang juga boleh dilihat. Kalau boleh dilihat, lihat di mana? Sedangkan Allah doesnt take time and space.

Kalau kita melihat Allah di hadapan kita, adakah di belakang kita tak ada Allah?

Allah tak boleh dilihat, agreed. Bila tak boleh dilihat, betul ka Allah itu ada?

Aku pakai hujjah cara kampung sebab aku bukan mengaji tinggi macam hampa.

Gini: Sama ada kita percaya atau tidak karan letrik tu ada, sama ada kita kaji atau tidak, sama ada kita selidik atau tidak, kalu kita pegang cable letrik yang tak ada penebat tu, kita mampuih!

Gitu saja la hujjah aku untuk menyatakan tidak semestinya apa yang tidak kita lihat itu tak ada (teringat sesetengah Ustaz yang payah sangat nak mengaku kekurangan yang terus kata sesuatu hadith itu tak ada semata-mata kerana dia tak jumpa. Tak jumpa tak bermakna tak ada!)

Sedap aku bace posting mung hok ni!

...sekadar pandangan kutu yang sekolah menengah pun tak habis.

6:51 PM  
Blogger demonsinme said...

Master Bergen:

Forgive me in advance for flooding your comment section with my words. This poem I wrote, are the summary of a question that have lingered in my head for quit some time. I really need to find an answer, at least one that would satisfy me for a short while.

If you don't mind, do share with your insight. I ask of this as it is my believe that you and others that ask are among the best enlughtened minds that I have ever had the chance to encounter.

I understand if u don't and wish thus deleting it.

I thank you in advance.


Hey mister,
why so somber?
the world is full with colour,
live up enjoy the splendour.

It's because I'm dead.

No mister you can't be dead,
your face id still red,
look, even that wound still bled,
and you look like a man well fed.

Really, I died.

Mister, why do you lie,
I can tell from from eyes,
I know you have just cry,
how could you say you have died?

Boy here's why,

Could you feel that the air is so dry,
and the soil beneath your covered with sly,
and both fought seeking to be beautified,
by seeping the river's blood dry,
there's no more space for me forehead to shy.

Besides, I have nothing to sing.

no, not even one of 'em shining things,
and me belly is no larger than a string,
you know how 'em bitches love those shiny shiny things,
on the head and the bellies of a dying king.

Yup, you're dead.
and I better fled,
being with you is most definately bad,.

Hey, I did told you am dead.

4:39 AM  
Blogger AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Bergen: I'm not in the position to give any comment.Anyway, I read & understood. :-)

9:53 AM  
Blogger Arena said...

Well said.. I love this post..

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will understand all this when the minyak runs out (as it must) and rural malays find out UMNO elite have stolen their birthright and left them in poverty. Of course the UMNO elite (and the MCA ones) are not stupid. They will move to a democratic and free society when they can practice their aqidah as well other things (you guess what) without interference from the Jabatan Agama.At that time they may even say they met god at a popular kelab malam e.g. Heaven (in London).

11:17 AM  

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