Monday, June 11, 2007

Watching The Floods Go By.

Sometimes I got lucky. Like on Sunday when I decided to stay put when the rain came down hard on the city that I somehow figured someone somewhere had better put the emergency response system on stand-by because I could see the water rising and the river flowing real fast that you'd better think one thousand times before you put a canoe in there for a bit of white water fun.
And so I checked into a hotel and went out again to buy a toothbrush and a tiny tube of toothpaste, a pair of pants and a nice shirt, and a fresh pair of socks. Every where city folks were going about their business eating and sending sms messages or making a phone call on their cellphones. By this time it was pretty obvious that we had a problem but city folks being what they are and who they are, were not at all disturbed by all these signs of danger to react accordingly. I got to the hotel to shower down and put on nice stuff I had bought and went down to have a bit of food all by myself since I wasn't in the mood to buy anyone dinner on account that I might be stuck in the city for a couple of days and I had better be frugal with the money I got left on me.
And then it happened. First class flood the kind the city hadn't seen for a long time coming. Brown, brackish water flowing fast and furious. Cars pushed by the water, moving by themselves as if in a disaster movie that I couldn't help but admire the scene before my eyes because you don't get to see something like this everyday for free. I am not a registered volunteer rescue worker to be out there helping people, pulling the destitutes out of the water to put them in a Zodiac. Besides, I don't want to ruin the new pair of pants and the shirt I had bought since these clothes cost me quite a bit of money on account that I am such a weakling when it comes to branded clothes that I didn't figure to buy something cheap so I could get into the water to help people. And so I went up to my room to watch a bit of movies and looked out the window every now and then to see the mayhem on the street that looked as if the whole city was going to be inundated in water that I might as well brush my teeth just in case the water came up to the 12th floor. Who knows I might die tonight and the best thing I could do, at least, is to brush my teeth.


Anonymous elviza said...

Mr Bergen,

Aduiiii saket perut gelak! Seriously, that was your thinking? To brush your teeth before you die? You are one of a kind dear friend.

I was one of the unfortunate souls to witness the flash flood around the city last night. It was 10.30 pm on a sunday night! What happen to the smart tunnel? Dont ask us, ask the "experts".

What a pity to those car owners. I doubt that the insurance company would compensate disaster like this. They call it "act of god." Whatever that means.

Thanks for the space mr bergen!

1:50 PM  
Blogger Bustaman said...

Another nice thing to have when you die is a clean pair of underwear.
Anyway, I did expect the SMART Tunnel to do its stuff and mitigate the flood. I wonder what happened.

4:20 PM  
Blogger zewt said...

well yeah... we might as well die in a state of clean teeth eh? but then again, if the water level rose to your floor... your teeth will be filled with mud anyway.

that's what i called first class flood.

eh, turn off the word verification la...

5:31 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Elviza: I've got an entry on The Tunnel. Coming right up, ma'am.

Bustaman: LOL.

Zewt: I believe mud works as good as kayu suji.

To everyone who got here, thank you. Stay safe. Stay dry. It's a wet wet world out there.

6:48 PM  
Blogger zewt said...

hmm... dont un...

9:16 PM  

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