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Have We Forgotten To Laugh Silly At Silly Things?

The last couple of entries got me thinking that the world is pretty much a serious place to live. Maybe it is no longer a suitable place for people who laugh silly at silly things. Post something like Micheal Chick's comments and see how a lot of guys got all emotional and angry that I'd better not post something like that ever again because I could get their blood pressure up. Who knows they could get all worked up in emotions that they may decide to burn down a building or two just to chill out.
Quite frankly, I don't think it was necessary to take Micheal Chick seriously. I mean what he wrote. After all one can come up with all kinds of theories about how one came about to being a race, or an individual. For example you wouldn't believe me for a million years if I told you that my ancestors are Norwegians. I come from the long and complicated lines of the Vikings. They were going up North but one of the boats got lost in the storm and ended up in Trengganu. They liked the place so much and call it Doong Gooong. That's the sound of their headache after having survived the rough seas. I believe they made it in December so the sea's pretty rough that time of the year. I swear this is a true story.
Now, this is only from my paternal side. My maternal side is part Aztec, part Maya, and part Inca. The remaining part is from a small community of seafarers who lived by the coast of Dungun. They were fashionable pirates long before Johnny Depp. If I'm not mistaken, and if my memory is correct, Grandma used to tell me how these ancestors of mine sailed the seven seas in 501 jeans. And they coined the phrase 7 seas and got into a negotiation with the manufacturer of a cod liver oil company who bought the rights to the name and that's how they lost their fortunes. Which pretty much explains why I am not a rich guy living off the royalty of my ancestors who were not very perceptive business wise because they were hopeless romantics with the sea, treasure chest, and the promise of adventure.
Every once in a while, a guy digs up a site and claims he's found a bone, or a fragment, to support his theory that so and so race used to walked this way on the way to buy chicken when kabooom! a lightning strike, and they were dead and buried in this here place for thousand and thousand of years. And you know how the deal is. This guy who dug up the site takes the bone to a lab, eenie minniee mo a date on it. He'd agree or disagree with his distinguished colleagues, fellow diggers, as if their agreement or disagreement means something to a guy driving cab or a housewife trying to cook Bamia for her family lunch. They'd go on arguing for a couple more years before a guy somewhere digs something up and found a laptop that ages something like four thousand years. And you know how the deal is, they'd agree and disagree among themselves that this laptop looks like a Mac or a Dell, Or a HP, or a Acer.
I don't mean to belittle people who make a career out of digging up the past, I mean anthropologists. I don't mean to discourage students in this discipline but really, sometimes I believe it is better that we leave the deads alone in their world because as far as I'm concerned, life is what I do today. As for tomorrow, well I try not to worry about it too much. And as for yesterday, it's gone and done with.


Blogger zewt said...

hey friend... dont call me sir, makes me feel so old. and the queen hasnt really knight me yet.

not many ppl will laugh at racial issues friend... have to understand that. and... you just have to highlight the word... Kaboom! haha!

11:13 PM  
Blogger NURAINA A SAMAD said...


aaah. on the contrary...all for a good laugh, bergen.
even micheal chick. not that it was all cock-and-bull, but, eesh eesh eesh... nothing new. I thot was interesting at first..just the first few paras.... after that..aiyaaaa.. nothing new. but too late to delete-lah.
so, i thought, ok-lah...let's see where it'll take us....

11:35 PM  
Blogger NURAINA A SAMAD said...


by the way : u are welcomed. and you know bamia????
i feel so connected to u! hahahaa..
and you improvise and modify. cool.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Ibu said...


Glad some of us still retain our sense of humour. Life's too short to take too seriously.

I've done my kind of just-in-time "research". Browsed through family albums, boths sides, mine & hubby's. My nenek & moyang from my mom side of Minang origin produced my mom (duhh!!), with what I can say as a typical malay look. My atok & moyang from bapak side of Arab & Indian origin produced bapak (surprise!!) with what I can say as err... rojak look. Then they got me. Then I met my hubby, of Jawa & Chinese mixed parentage with what I can say typical half Malay half Chinese mixed look. We procreated another 3, each one with different looks. 1st son, typical Malay feature. Second one, ala-ala Shah Rukh Khan. Third one, can pass as Jackie Chan look alike. What a melting pot! Yes, my children speak Melayu a lot though a lot of times they also speak English - in Disney Channel accent. I checked their birth certs, and ahhh... yes! they were registered as "Melayu". Don't know if future lineage will be slightly changed - don't know what the future holds.

Depressed? Nahhhh .....


1:05 AM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

Your entry never fail to amuse me. Am still( whenever I have the time) reading your earlier postings of your childhood in Doong Goong with grandma and aunty( and cousin too) with a pinch of Bilal.
Too bad that Clarke Gable is no more in blogsphere.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous elviza said...

Dear Mr Bergen.

Oh dear. I was amused. You know you never fail to make me laugh with your "kaboom" effect. Damn good man....

12:04 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Zewt: It's a form of respect and no, it has nothing to do with age. But if you find it offensive, I'm okay with it. So thank you for visiting, Zewt. (Inside my heart: Thank you for visiting, sir.)

Nuraina A Samad: Yea, I thought it was a good thing to laugh at. And you don't get to laugh at academic stuff like that and get away with it. LOL. Bamia, Harisa and Kacang Pol with minced beef, or lamb are stuff I consider convenient food. Not to mention easy to prepare.

Ibu: That's a good description of what is going on in the mind of the Malays in this race issue. I believe the the Malays, like the rest of the races in the world, are the product of racial coctail. Not that there's anything wrong with it, in fact it's how this whole thing is supposed to be.

Tokasid: Thank you,sir. You keep a good blog too, except you seldom blog about food these days. LOL.

Elviza: Thank you, ma'am. How's the tree house coming?

To everyone who came by this way to stop briefly for a breather before continuing on, thank you for coming. Glad you stopped by this rest area. You be sure to have a nice day now, y'hear? And stay safe.

11:12 PM  

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