Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You Don't Need To Be A Smart Guy To Rule The World.

Two bloggers are smarter than four train loads of politicians put together. You don't have to believe me but I'm sure you'd agree with me that bloggers have written all sorta things about Abdullah Badawi, Najib, Mahathir or Nazri and politicians, the very people who make a career out of making people's life miserable. Bloggers have called these fine folks stupid, morons, crazy and other things that I wouldn't want to repeat to a cockroach because it's not nice to do that.
Bloggers are really smart people who read books thick as concrete slabs. They watch opera or go to the theatre to watch plays by Ibsen or Harold Pinter, and when they got home, they turn on the tv to catch up on Mr Bean. When they get together with their friends they talk about government policies, arguing and backing up their claims with statistics and facts that leave me completely at sea as to what in the world are they talking about. Yup, bloggers are smart people if you read what they write but politicians know better that these smart bloggers are not going anywhere in life because they are too busy complaining and writing about things that they have little time to do real things like getting close to the people with smiles and hand shakes so the gold folks can put their votes down and before you know it, the dumb guy get elected and he pretty much decide how the rest of us should live.
Politicians are like tough guys with big sticks in the olden days. They go in to a village and scare the wits out of every one there and before you know it, they become the leaders of the community and they pretty much decide whether you are a Malay, Negrito, Malayokunosemangjakun, Chinese, Indian, or others. Meaning people they can't quite put their fingers on because their ancestors inter married with people outside their race that in the end they become such a confused hybrid that it's easier to just call them 'others' or 'lain-lain'.
And that my friend, how this term Melayu came about. It came about as the result of a big guy with a big stick walking into the parliament building to grab the highest seat in the house and says something like, from now on, those who speak this language, are Muslim and have this kind of skin tone which is sawo matang or ular sawa or whatever, shall be called Bumiputera, or Melayu. The rest of you who don't have these physical features from now on will be called 'others' , or 'lain-lain'. Comprende? And we'll make this whole thing legal by putting all these data in your Mykad. Ada fahammmmm?
And so a couple of intellectuals, anthropologists start to come in with a lot of complaints, and statistics and research to show that it is not right to call this people Melayu because they came from a long line that goes back to China, or Mongolia, or Arab or Eskimo or Masai. And the big guy with the big stick says, who are you? And the smart guy with a university degree says, I'm professor so and so with credits from so and so (and before he can finish his speech), the big guy with the big stick whacks it hard on the professor's head and says, you shut up! Me got big stick so wanna another one?
I reckon that pretty much explains my reaction to Micheal Chick comments. Hey, whaddaya expect. I didn't go to any university to learn anything that can make me a smart guy or an intellectual. I used to work the rig and you don't need to be all that smart to earn good money in US dollars on the rig. All you need is a bit of brain and a lot passion for grease, diesel, saltwater and good food.
You don't need to be a smart guy to rule the world. Look at George W.Bush. He ain't that smart but boy he can make a lot of smart people with PhD bonkers with his policies. But hey, he's the guy with the big stick.


Blogger bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Dear Bergen

Pls update me on your latest posting at the Cbox,

3:08 PM  
Blogger Raden Galoh said...

Bro...thank you for the thought-provoking post. It makes me laugh and think hard... Maaaaannnnn. Damn! Those people with the big stick!

Take care and cheers!

4:12 PM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

Well you got that right on the spot,sir.
And people like Bush having the big stick!And there lots more like him running around.

5:52 PM  
Blogger zewt said...

i guess it's all a mixture huh... the race i mean. well, michael chick may not have written that himself...

let us all aim for a stick.

8:04 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Bakaq: You gotta drive me on this one, mate. All this sounds pretty technical to me.

Raden Galoh: Welcome, ma'am. You've got a nice name there.

Tokasid: Thank you, sir.

Zewt: Thank you for the visit, sir. LOL, yup better go for the stick but you know as well as I do that you've gotta a politician first.

To everyone who dropped by, hey, thank you very much and no hard feelings. No hurting.


10:21 PM  
Blogger KetchupMissy said...

mr. bergen sir,

i love how you write. wisdom and wit all intertwined. kelas gitu. me laughing like hyena sambil guling2 atas lantai.

12:22 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Ketchupmissy: That's a pretty catch name you've got that, miss. Thank you for visiting. Glad you enjoy my writing.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous adik said...

Dear Bergen

I agree with ketchupmissy.

Your blog is among those (like kata tak nak, wanshana, 3540 Jln Sudin, rockybru & matsalo) which I frequent daily since I stumbled upon it recently thru nuraina samad’s.

I really like your style; very-self-effacing (yang bersahaja & so tak mengada-ngada), your wit & sense of humour. Yet the message can be kinda deep.

oh yes, I forgot - have a nice weekend.

10:13 AM  

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