Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mat Rempit - A Glocal Solution.

We gotta export Mat Rempit culture in a big way. We gotta do it the way the American did it with rock n’ roll, and the clever ways they market the rest of their cultures that we have considered ours like hamburgers, hot dogs, jeans, sodas, movies and the way we spell and pronounce some words.
We gotta do it and we gotta do it now.
We gotta the whole world as the market and this market is totally untapped and we are the only country with this Rempit culture. Think of the money. Big big money like we’ve never seen before.
And think of the roll outs. We can be world’s number one manufacturer of 150cc bikes designed with Rempit in mind. And those innovative mechanics we’ve got working in some seedy workshops can now dream to become world-class Rempit race consultants.
We need the government to get this thing off the ground. We gotta talk to the politicians. We gotta rack our brains how to market our Rempit culture. Maybe we can turn this Rempit into a popular culture through a movie first like that of Saturday Night Fever, or Grease, or Sea Biscuit. Or a TV commercial like that of Apple’s when they first came out in a big way to take on IBM.
We can start with New York. Or Paris. Or London. Or any major cities in the world with a similar street like Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. We live in a satellite era so I figure we can officially launch this Rempit thing simultaneously in all the cities we consider major markets. Start with something like Malaysia Fest with girls doing the stupid traditional dances and then vrrrrroooom, out come the famous sons of Malaysia, the Rempit guys in their 150cc souped up bikes racing down the streets of London Paris New York. It will encourage the youths in these countries to pick up the Rempit culture, buy our bikes, hire our mechanics and before you know it the whole world is gonna be on it and we are gonna be famous, mate! And rich. It's gonna make politicians happy like they've never been happy before. It's gonna be the catalyst to our new economy. Vendors producing exhausts, handle bars, seats, and the rest of the parts you usually find in a Rempit bike. We are gonna be bigger than the Teutul family of Orange County Chopper. We gotta start a national program where our secondary children be taught how to ride a bike Rempit style. We've gotta keep Rempit dudes coming. We've gotta produce them by the millions every year. We can stop thinking about producing students who score 22 As or 49 As because this is not where the money is. We've gotta focus on something that can bring real money. We've gotta think like the Americans. We've gotta act GLOCAL.
We can rope in other cultures of ours in marketing this Rempit thing. Like putting up teh tarik stall at any available space, under the flyover, next to a garbage dump, or under a lone tree. 24-hour mamak shops. Nasi lemak, roti canai, roti tissue and maggi goreng. And then when their arteries are clogged, we can always package a health tourism to Malaysia.
There you go, a glocal solution to the Mat Rempit Culture. Think outside the box. Look at this Mat Rempit thing as something positive. Maybe that’s what Umno Youth is trying to do that I don’t know of. Maybe North Pole is the test market. Except what I don’t understand is, there is no street like Jalan TAR there so I am thinking, maybe I’m missing something.
Think global act local. Glocal. Now that’s another marketing concept developed by Malaysian.
I begin to like this word glocal that I’m thinking maybe I should take it up as my surname.

Whaddaya think?


Blogger tokasid said...

Salam to Bergen.

Wow!You got it all figured out sir.

If we want to do it we better do it fast. If the Indon rempits now about this they'll do it first.

We can ask David Teoh to allow HBO,Starmovie and Cinemax screen the movie Rem-pit for free. Or he can allow Hollywood to re-make that movie more appealing to the world market.Maybe the Malaysian govt should bear the cost of the remake.We can ask them to take our mat rempits as extras or stuntmen. Okay the leading guy can go to any Hollywood hunk but they need to be tanned in the hot Pulau Duyong beach for several weeks to get the Malay tone.I'm sure Clark gable wouldn't mind the abuse on PD.

Or we can ask Yasmin of Gubra,Sepet and Mukhsin fame to make a new rempit promo.But Yasmin's work will have a Malaysian rempit.But the actual fact is 99%of rempitans are Malays(sob..sob..).

maybe sheih of kickdefella should direct a rempit story but of course his film will be political.It will hit the nerves of Putera keris dua batang which is planning to make the Mat Rempit into Mat Lompat Kutub Utara.

What say you if at the same time CGOPD and you set up Kepoklekor,nasi dagang and Sata stalls during the rempit programmes?

9:52 AM  
Blogger NJ said...

Mr Bergen Glocal sir,

I am with you on marketing this newly found ‘sumber asli’, after all not many nations have such treasures in place. Capitalising this commodity should place us at a more level playing field with other big guns.

My suggestion after the North Pole jump by Mat Rempit is that we should appoint Michael Jackson as Malaysian’s Mat Rempit ambassador who will take on a world tour with killer song ‘Ramp It’ a remake version of ‘Beat It’. How’s that ? LOL!

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Ol Lady from the Green Mtn. said...

Hilarious! Great ideas -- might not work in America, we have laws about where you can ride your bikes. Might be able to sell it as an underground movement -- similar to what street car racing was for our fathers' generation. Ah, to live to see that!

Time to start a PR and marketing agency, Bergen.

7:58 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Tokasid: Looks like YOU've got it all figured out. LOL. I think if there's anyone who can get this off the ground it's you. You seem to know the right people with the right talents. We gotta me up. LOL.

NJ: Micheal Jackson? Remp It? Good idea but the generation you are talking may not be able to connect with the guy emotionally. I can't figure who's the best to be the icon for this. More ideas, ma'am. LOL

OLFTGM: It's gonna work in America because I believe the more you restrict people, the bigger the desire to do it. And therefore, the more cool it is. LOL

To everyone who dropped by this way, thank you. And you be sure to have a good weekend, y'hear?

12:14 PM  
Blogger Ibu said...

Ehem... ehem... (clearing my throat).

And i quote " ... girls doing the stupid traditional dances ..."

What about if the Fest is 'opened' with kuda kepang, bagra & lion dance? Do u consider that stupid traditional dances too?

Ahhh... maybe we should start with the river dance. It's traditional, but not ours, so it must not be so stupid eh?

Give me your knuckle Bergen, meh sini Ibu nak jentik!!

8:47 AM  

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