Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Lazy Writer.

You know what, you are right. I am not going to argue with you because this simply means I have to write down my thoughts which simply means I gotta construct the sentences, weaving in and out of grammar rules so you can at least figure what it is that I am trying to say.

That's why I agree with you one hundred percent; I am a lazy writer. I agree that my sentences lack coherence. Or logic as you put it. Not to mention the kind of grammar I use which baffles you on end, but a source of joy to me because I like the idea of writing what I like, the way I like without Miss Low Bee Lia watching over my back to check on me to see that I use correct English.

Oh yea, thank you for the compliment that I have improved a bit in punctuating my sentences at the right places. I am just glad that you remember the way I used to write when I first started blogging, and how a sentence would go on and on without a pause before it finally came to a full stop as if a full stop would cost me an arm or a leg whereas it is free and I can use it as much as I like and no police or army person is going to come knocking at the door in the middle of the night to haul me in all because I have used too many full-stops in an entry.

I still have the tendency to write long sentences without a pause before slamming it down with a full-stop so that it would not run over a couple of miles that would leave you breathless and angry because you will naturally figure who this guy is who seems to enjoy being stingy with full-stops.

I am just too lazy to put a full-stop to a sentence. Of course I'll do it without being asked if I have to. Otherwise I kinda enjoy to see a sentence getting longer and longer, weaving its way around like somekind of serpent to come out headfirst the other side looking as confused as an ostrich on a first day of school. I'm not bothered to check the spelling for ostrich because I'm just too lazy to bother with the right spelling for this kinda bird I imagine would look very nice with a pair of cowboy boots and a stetson hat.

I confess. I am a lazy writer and there's nothing I can do about it because I really don't want to do something about it because it is not somekind of disease or something like that. Besides, am I not a Malay and therefore I can afford to be a little lazy as a way of affirming my biological traits.

There's another entry coming and I gotta work on it fast. Boy, this feels like having a baby. Maybe this should be an interesting angle to write about: the feminine side of Bergen.

I'd better go have that sex change.
Next week: Call me Bergenia.


Anonymous Rad said...

Hello Bergenia! Or perhaps Bergenella? Bergenita? Hahahah..You're not a lazy writer at all! I admire you "tenahcity" (pun intended - sory k.Atenah)for writing such looooooong sentences. And pls do keep on writing as such so that it will inspire lowly people like me who are desperate enough but still couldn't write half a page a day!Help my thesis..

6:37 PM  
Blogger pu1pu3 said...

Bergenia?hahah..sounds like virginia.
And you're not a MALAY?my, my...from what you've written, I sure thought you were.Mix kot?
If whisper sweet nothings doesn't show the major feminine side of Bergen, then I'm all for the whole revelation of ur feminine side!

5:54 PM  
Blogger nadya said...

bergania? - macam nama roti la pulakk!

enak di makan begitu sajaaa...

1:20 AM  

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