Wednesday, October 12, 2011

May I Keep This?

Wan Yah says this gotta go. It doesn't belong here in the cupboard with all these English design Royal Doulton sets we got on the last trip and so I say to myself, oh well, it's only a helmet. What do I do after that? If Wan Yah says it has to go that means it has to go and I am not the guy who wants to argue until the satellite comes crashing down, especially with Wan Yah. I know her better than any folk in this neighbourhood and so I take the helmet down to Saran wrap it and hope to find a place somewhere in the house to keep it out of sight until I can get my hands on a new super bike again. But Wan Yah says, you'd better sell it. Which makes a lot of sense since it is kinda supernatural to have a nice expensive full face helmet in the house and not a bike in sight in the driveway. And so I promise Wan Yah that I'd sell it to the first 'surat kabar lama and batteri lama' truck when it comes around the street we live on.

That settled, she says you'd better drive my car, it hasn't been started for weeks. And so we drive around in her car to go have lunch in Shah Alam at a restaurant where they created Upin and Ipin.

I miss my bike and my helmet. Oh well, I still got 'em as memories in my mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay, coz you still got Wan Yah.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anon-bottom-up said...

Berg, you ni anak teruna ke masa kawin dengan Wan Yah? Wan Yah ni janda, sudah bercucu kan?

6:47 PM  
Blogger FH in space said...

Keep it! Hide it... you are being domesticated... hehehheeh

2:27 AM  

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