Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Next Entry: Making Movies.

An entry about how I found myself on location at a set of a movie shoot.

Don't ask how I got there.


Blogger dee3 said...

and even lagi cool, i'm the first to comment on this entry! hehe unbelievable :p

pergh pergh... tak lama lagi impian menjadi koboi akan menjadi kenyataan? :p

1:58 PM  
Blogger Ariel said...

can't wait to hear the story.

4:00 PM  
Blogger ailin...in aalborg said...

it is human to want to know what other humans don't want us to know.

so, how did you get there?

5:16 PM  
Blogger demonsinme said...


A gift for you...


there is a place in the east,
where man once treated as burden beast,
and tears fertelize another's bliss,
where whiplash would replace a kiss,
live a man with part of mind amiss.
forgoten the day a kris fought a christ,
remembering the day filled with blessing of the hiss,
loving the sap from a whore tits,
lavishing in lavender confusing tease.

there is a place opposite the west,
where man once laid in unholy rest,
and laughter is known by the laughing crest,
and virtues where kept in buried heavy chest,
live a man known as least best,
who wore rags of the players of chess,
and think of thoughts seen to other no more than a mess,
and held high no higher than a slave shoe dress.

there is a place in east and west mid,
where man's heart hid,
not knowing where he would bid,
a name lost in two creed,
or to take the two composite,
or left it where lost wills writ,
knowing not why his papa grits.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Restless said...

Wow! The last time I read, you were seeing a lady friend. And now, you're some Hollywood star. When did this start?

* talk about being outdated, huh?

3:54 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Dee3: Do they still make cowboy movies? LOL.

Ariel: If only I can find the time to write it. Will try.

Ailin: I had to drive her there. LOL.

DIM: Thank you, sir.

Restless: I too have a lot of catching up to do, ma'am.

Thank you all for coming. Cheers.

11:05 AM  

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