Monday, October 29, 2007

They Didn't See It Comin'.

And he had to knock his head against a wall and died. Now that he's dead, what are they gonna do with the plans they've made to welcome the doctor-who-went-to-space? They must have had everything laid out; a big welcome do, caterers, tents, expensive wiring, live on national TV, press insertions, TV commercials, expensive light and sound systems, king and queen, court jesters and clowns, and all the rigmarole the government like to spend the money on for an occasion like this. You don't have to be a genius to figure that a PR agency with strong connections with the inside network has been awarded the job to organize this welcome party and you don't have to be a hardcore businessman to know that the agency has been paid at least the 80% deposit to get the party going. They have probably spent it on the down payment for an expensive European car.
And he had to knock his head against a wall and died.
Now they gotta figure what are they gonna to do with the Profit and Loss Accounts? They figured a 800% profit but now none of that is going to happen all because he knocked his head against a wall and died. There ain't gonna be no reception for the doctor-who-went-to-space and this is not good because the good doctor isn't in the mood for a big party to welcome a space traveller now that his brother has died crashing his head against a wall. No one saw it coming. What are they gonna do? They were counting on this party to welcome a hero to make lotsa money.
(They didn't it see coming. They didn't see it coming straight at them like a runaway train.)
Maybe the government will decide to go ahead with the big hero welcome and stick with the original plan. Just put the doctor-who-went-to-space on the plane to Moscow, and then put him back on the same plane after it has refuelled and fly for home, wait for the plane to touch down, put up the tents and install the fan with water mist, get the caterer to prepare expensive gourmet food, lobsters and all, get the damned expensive wiring done, get the dancers to do their damned thing, get all the big screen TVs installed and charge the damned government triple since those guys in the Treasury will sign every damned thing as long as you grease their damned palm.
Let's stick with the original plan. Let's pretend the guy didn't knock his head against the wall. Let's pretend he didn't die. That wasn't his body they had buried yesterday. Let's have a hero welcome anyway. After all this is once in a lifetime chance for a lot of people. Let's go ahead with the welcome home party. After all it has been paid for in advance. After all they gotta make lotsa money, dude. (They gotta make lotsa money.) Who cares for the brother who knocked his head against the wall and died. He should have seen the damned wall. It's a wall for cryin' out loud, what could be more obvious than the damned wall? And he had to knock his head against the damned wall. And died.
They didn't see it coming, not from a brother of a doctor-who-went-to-space. He was from a smart family. They didn't figure it would go this way. No one did. How are they gonna make lotsa money now? Send another guy to space. A guy with no brother who'd crash his head against a wall and die.


Blogger daftsavant said...

I didn't see that coming either... know what would awesome at the "celebration" if ever they go-ahead with it -- a bidding on an authenticated used-diaper by the (astro)naut hero, co-signed like the one with the t-shirt and guitar on Astro commercial.

Pardon the scatological reference...necro-satire can't top this.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Monster Mom said...

Really? Who would have thought....

Someone muss be pissed! Or lots of someone....

12:23 PM  
Anonymous elviza said...

Life is so fragile huh? All you have to do is fall and death comes knocking.

Unfortunate. Al fatehah to arwah.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

Look doc, you got to attend. We know your brother died but he is what he is, dead! You are alive, we need this doc. The elections are near and we are running a little behind in the polls. Please doc. Huh! what say you? Aw common be a sport doc.

Look doc, you are very ungrateful if you refused. We spent 95 million to send you there and another 195 for the hero's welcome. Huh! What say you doc? please, pleeeeeease, huh?

Ok we'll throw in the chef, huh?

11:16 PM  
Blogger muteaudio said...

These people will find ways to sembunyi the costing. Price for fireworks & pyrotechnics will be absorbed under kayu api for gulai kawah etc. Sudenly the cost for a lorry of kayu api escalated to RM100,000 per lorry.

Auditors will probably realise it in 10 years time. By then, the new Merc they've sold to 2nd hand dealer or jadi tukun tiruan.

As for that guy, nobody would have thought it gonna happen.


11:56 PM  
Blogger demonsinme said...

Master Bergen:

And I bet they (those party using our tax money preparer) didn't the big HAHAHAHAHAHAHA coming from those who had to pay trough their nose with all these nonsense price hike (and not to say soon to come toll and another oil price jump.

12:41 AM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

May ALLAH Azza Wa Jalla forgive us and the late bro of our-national-space-hero-doc and may He bless all of us.

Yeah, nobody saw it coming.Nobody expected things to turn this way. Their parents too didn't expect for extreme incidents to occur on the same day.
They lost a son who was as healthy as a fiddle and they got back their son who they worried most about.

Thats ajal and nobody can see ajal coming their way at that very moment.

Yeah, late bro's death sure brought some frustration to the celebration organisers and PR consultants. Now its time to let our national-space-hero-doc to heal is grief and give him some space to breath.After all, he went through near death experience when entering the earth's atmosphere.

But, they are worried.They are worried if our national-space-hero-doc will take a much longer time to deal with his grief. We need to take him 'pusing-pusing seluruh negara' in our roadshows. And we can't just re-schedule everything easily. The PM have some important announcement to make during our hero's reception. Who knows...maybe the civil servants will get their bonuses after all. We need to carry on with the Feel Good feeling for another month. If we can sustain this Feel Good feeling, then its time to announce for the GE.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous bru99 said...

I can see it now, the PR people will let the common people ( people like you and me, who knows nothing better then to write or read blog .... rubbish its nothing of important they are not the majority, said the guy who was being interviewed in the Sunday Time) know that due to his duty to the nation and the future of the Space scientific discoveries(spinning top in space) and industries, the brother is willing to forego his grieve and will participate in the big party. Look it still warm we do not want to leave the trail cold do

12:04 PM  
Blogger Zabs said...

Salam Bergen,
Takziah untuk keluarga Dr. SMs dan Alfatihah untuk arwah adiknya itu.
Kun, fayakun. Jadi dan jadilah ia.
DR. SMS buat wasiat sebelum ke angkasa lepas kerana dia ingat mati. Tetapi adakah adiknya telah berbuat demikian. Yang penting walau kemana dan dimana kita berada, sentiasa ingat mati, itu akan tiba. Terlangar tembuk ke atau tertelan biji rambutan. Semuanya boleh menjadi sebab. Bersedia sentiasa... Wallahualam.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Theta said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

This entry guarantees to hit the spot with those having vested interests in our Astronaut Homecoming festivities.

How sad that in this day and age, people only think, talk and even dream in terms of dollars (or Ringgits) and cents. Contigencies, in whatever forms imaginable, must always be accounted for.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Tigress said...

Oh Dear... Tersangat marah la dia... Two dead men entries can't be good for your system. Take a deep breath please...

10:08 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Daftsavant: Wait, lemme go check the words out in the on-line dictionary.

Monster Mom: They'll figure something out. Probably bigger stuff.

Elviza: Yup, we won't know when we're gonna pop out.

Kata Tak Nak: Yea, doc. A bit of pretendin' won't hurt none. People are countin' on ya.

Muteaudio: They are the passengers in the same ship,auditors included. They're probably cousins.

DIM: They can raise whatever they want and there's nothing we can do about it.

Tokasid: I saw the-doctor-who-went-to-space on TV. He's all philosophical now with stuff like '...I finally found what I've been looking for' and heavy stuff that make you wanna put on the jubah, serban, janggut and all.

Bru99: It's all up to him now. He'll come around soon enough.

Zabs: Tertelan biji rambutan is a noble way to pop if the guy is into tropical fruits.

Theta: That's what it's all about. It's the only thing that keeps things going round and round until one is dizzy.

Tigress: LOL, no, ma'am. I'm not angry or anything. I know better that it's a waste of time to get all worked up over this. I'm just being 'overly concerned' with the PR agency. That's all. (Yea, right) LOL.

To everyone who happen to float this way on the way over to some important place you're going, thank you for dropping by. You stay safe now, y'hear?

9:36 PM  

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