Sunday, October 21, 2007

Three Digit Shock.

How was I supposed to know they've re-arranged the channels when they didn't even have the courtesy to give me a call to at least warn me that; hey! we've had enough of single and double digit channels so you know, we thought it would be nice to change things a bit so you'll have more fun fidgeting with the remote commander. For two days I really thought there was something wrong with the TV that I nearly call up that doctor syed guy we've got in space to find out if he had any idea what was wrong with my set. I figured he would be the best person from whom I should find out about this kinda thing on account that he's got more brain than I ever will have in a million years. But I figured that doctor syed guy in space must be pretty busy having fun floating about and it would cost me too much money just to say, hi ya doc, would you please check something out for me up there to see if there's something wrong with my TV set? But instead I called up the cable company and they must have turned blue in the face trying not to laugh at my stupid questions like, excuse me miss, I can't get any picture on my TV, is there something wrong with the decoder or has someone taken over the company, or stolen my ID, or have you got something against me to do this to me?

No, sir. We've re-arranged the channels. Please refer to channel 100 for more information.

And I felt so stupid. Oh well, at least I know I'm home.


Blogger Mior Azhar said...

I've to laugh too, sir. It's funny. But how was you supposed to know kan?

11:57 PM  
Blogger cakapaje said...

Hmm...I have to agree with bro Mior. But I like your last statement best: "Oh well, at least I know I'm home." It hits right on the head! adus!

2:07 AM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen,sir:

This 3 digits bussiness is really bugging me. I think its been 2 weeks since they switched to it, but I'm still confused esp for the documentary channels. Had to paste the page 3 of Astro magazine as a guide.

And they have added more channels, my guess is there will be an increase in the subscription fees. And come January the PLUS highway will also be increasing their tolls.
(not forgetting the price of flour and its product will most likely shot up too)

Hopefully the Mendi lamb will be at the same price.

4:06 AM  
Blogger Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Bergen
And I thought upgrade meant making it easier for users!
Imagine if you're slow at punching the numbers on the remote and it doesn't appear correctly, you'll get a "no channel on this number" flashing on the top of your screen.
I have resorted to using the up and down buttons to search for my favourite channels.
Memorise the three-digit number change? Like Mak said, banyak kerja lain lagi boleh buat!

10:46 AM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Like Fauziah, I had that 'no channel on this number'problem very frequently. And that irritates me a lot.

But bcoz of that crazy doctor on channel 701 on Monday nights and my newly dicovered channel 731 BBCE( they have really rib tickling comedy and sit-com and that suspense Murder in Mind), I have to carry on hurting my fingers and torturing my poor eyesight with the remote control.

11:08 AM  
Blogger ahiruDin aTTan said...

that asstro for u, bergen. got a lot of friends working with asstro who are as perplexed as all of us here about the channel shock.

welcome home, nonetheless.

12:26 PM  
Blogger zabs said...

Salam Beren,
Their goal is to confused the subscriber. If you are confused then they have accomplished their mission. By the way the children did not complaint at all.
Tumpang lalu Bergen, toasid thank you for the info on channel 701 and 731. Must check it out sometime.

1:05 PM  
Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

I don't know but I heard someone said that its done to beat all the forge cards. I taught the present cards are clone proof? I may be wrong but I have yet to master the numbers accept the sport channels and AXN.

8:20 PM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Bergen,pak zabs and che'gu:

731-BBC Entertaintment
411-413: Movie channels
811-813: Sports channel

As for documentaries- tak hafal lagi.

9:02 PM  
Anonymous elviza said...

I know! Silly aint it? I am bad with numbers at it is and here is Astro making my life miserable.

But I really pity mother in law, she keeps calling out for the maid asking for what channel is what number.

Esp when her grandson wants to watch cartoon programme, she goes "Bik, ceria baper no?"

And the clever Sue will reply, time and again, "611 Ibuk..."

Thats cable in Malaysia for you. Gosh I miss Sky.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Frankensteina said...

Until now I still can't figure out how they group all the channels and it' sjust frustrating when I'm in a hurry and can't find the channel that I want to watch.

I say bring back the old channels!


7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, i am new to ur blog..trying to reead the past post..very this post u sound like my husband.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops sorry banyak spelling error..gembira sangat baca post anda..jumpa lagi

9:34 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Mior Azhar: Yes, and it was too much of me to expect a call from Astro. LOL.

Cakapaje: LOL. Countries all over have their own special things. We've got ours.

Tokasid: And bread is going up. After that more things are going up. LOL. They'll keep the prices down for now and raise them later after the election. We've gone through this many times over. LOL.

Fauziah: Well, they've added a couple of interesting channels so I reckon we can all live with it.

Tokasid: Mine favorite channels now are Asian Food Channel, History Channel, CI, besides the usual documentaries.

Ahirudin Attan: LOL, nice pun there. Didn't get it at first, well you know I'm a bit slow in the head. LOL.

Zabs: LOL, yea why not make things more confusing. This is, afterall, a confused world anyway. LOL.

Kata Tak Nak: I'm sure they've got a valid reason to do this. But it's an interesting theory though, hmmm. LOL.

Tokasid: 731 is good. I'm not too excited about British comedy but after watching a few, I kinda like it though.

Elviza: It shows that we are not too excited about changes. Maybe Astro is providing us with the real-time concept of change so we can adapt to changes better. My theory LOL.

Frankensteina: Get used to 3-digit before they change it to 4-digit or make the whole thing alpha-numeric with password for each channel. Ooops, they might pick up the idea. LOL

Anonymous: Thank you for visiting. Your hubby and I should get together, LOL.

To everyone who dropped by this way either by choice or by mistake, thank you. You folks have a safe one out there, okay?

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I did was - on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I start with 100 and keep on flipping the channels 101, 102, 103, 104.....until I have an idea how they are grouping the channels.

And surprise, surprise - I found many channels I never knew existed before!

I only remember 103 (for Buletin Utama), 711 (Seven Eleven - for Star World), 411,412,413 for the movie channels.

Still havent figured out where CNN and BBC are though.


7:55 PM  

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