Friday, October 26, 2007

They Got 'Em.

No point telling a lie when everyone knows I'm not a big fan of the men and women in blue. And you can bet your index finger that they don't like me either. But when they die in the line of duty being shot by bad guys, my heart goes to them and I'm all soft inside thinking about their children and missus at home. At the end of the day, they are men trying to make a living just like you and me. They don't earn much, although some managed to amass something like RM17 million within a short span of their career. But those who don't amass that kinda money are the ones who put their lives on the line in the name of getting a job done.

I don't know much about police work other than what I've watched on Channel 732. One of my favorites is Dallas S.W.A.T. I like the concept of safety and tactical maneuver in dealing with armed and dangerous criminals. It's a lot like the kinda stuff we've got on the rig where discipline and strict adherence to the do's and don'ts can mean either getting a job done safely, or people getting killed or maimed.

Two constables died and two Inspectors seriously wounded trying to flush bad guys out of a house here in the city yesterday. They weren't wearing the kevlar that could have saved them. The big guy in the police force said there's not enough money to supply every cop in the city with one. Maybe they're gonna put up a contract looking for supplier soon.

There's no point guessing what really happened, or how it went the way it did. Of course questions are there if you care to ask like; didn't they know that it was not a simple raid? Maybe they didn't. Maybe they were tipped wrong. I don't know and I'm not about to make a wild guess because the only police work I know very well are those shown on Channel 732. But I know one thing for sure.

That Malaysian police are pretty relax when they stop to ask you questions or when they conduct a body search on you. Most of the time they are on small-powered bike like a kapcai which they share between two of them. The pillion rider would just sit on the bike while his partner ask you question balancing himself on the miserable bike. You can be in a group of two or four, standing. Any fool knows that in this situation you have the upper hand because hey, you're standing and the cops are on the bike balancing themselves like a circus clown. All it takes is just one kick from you and you can take them on anyway you like when they're down on the ground trying to get up. You can steal their service revolver if you want to have a bit of fun. Sometimes they carry MP5 which would make your day.

I have a feeling they are like this because they want to make a deal with you. They want to negotiate something. They consider you a fully loaded Automatic Teller Machine, not a potential criminal. Which is different from the cops in countries where I had the pleasure of being stopped, questioned, frisked and released with apology. I like Ohio State trooper best.

In the U.S I believe it is standard procedure that the police consider every individual they stop a potential criminal. They'd stand a safe distance from you. They'd politely but sternly order you to spread your legs wide as you can, your arms behind your head. You can't do much in this position, not even if you are Jet Lee. If you look from the corner of your eyes, you can see clearly that all the time their hand is locked to their Glock 22, ready to release it from the holster if you start to behave funny. They'd frisk you just like you see in the movie. They'd size you up, detecting any smell of alcohol or substance abuse. They don't negotiate. You are not a bank to them. As far as they are concerned you are armed and dangerous and they could get killed if they are not careful.

Maybe you don't need kevlar. All you need is common sense. A bit of honesty and sincerity would help too. But first of all you've gotta stop this notion that every person you pull in to ask for IC, passport, work permit, somekinda ATM machine you can withdraw money from.

To all the good cops, please be careful, people. It's dangerous out there.


Blogger cakapaje said...

Salam brother,

Blogspot is at it again - my previous comment was not admitted! Same thing happened at Tokasid.

Anyway, aye, I'm with you.

Prior to taking a political stand, I was neutral to them. Taking into consideration that I was an 'unofficial cop' during my school days, it is sometime ironic that I view them with anger now as they have been made pawns of some party. Still, I sincerely believe there are many that are honest and good.

But let us not forget those cops who - rain or blistering sun - stand hours long to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. Some, even have to breakfast while standing in the line of duty. When you pass by them, raise your right hand as a show of gratitude.


3:13 PM  
Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

My condolences to the family of the deceased coppers. Yes, I remember about some hotshot saying that they can't afford to buy so many bullet proof vests. Actually I disagree. If we can spend something about 95 million to send a space tourist surely we can spend money to save the lives of our cops.
The damn thing becomes expensive if you buy it at the inflated price that our gov likes to do. If something costs 2K and we buy it for 5K, of course we can't buy much. Try a direct negotiation with the makers and see, I can bet you my ball, they would be cheap. No, our people are smart. They have got to get tge services of a 'consultant' who would recommend the same things for 2 or 3 times the original price. So who is also responsible for the deaths? It looks like the police killed their own people because someone wants to get rich quick.

5:05 PM  
Blogger tokasid said...

Salam Bergen:

Takziah dan simpati kepada balu-balu dan anak2 yatim anggota polis yg terkorban ketika menjalankan tugas.

My younger used to be in the force until a year ago. He was in a dept which most opposition will love to hate them- the SB.

Still have a cousin in that blue uniform, in Sarawak.
An elder cousin was also a policeman until he retired few years back.

Me with the blue men...I have mixed feelings about them. Having a few guys in blue as friends.
But personal experience made me sceptical about them. House broken in few years back..a patrol car came and told me to go and report at a police station( not the nearest to home but to the one that is covering my area), since nothing is lost. At 7 am made the report and the policeman there was so blur that he coludn't find the report paper for me to write.And he told me: Kawasan sini memang banyak sangat kes pecah rumah, tapi banyak sangat samapi susah nak siasat.

Wow, that certainly won't boost your confidence . After calling the Investigating Officer, he told me the Inspector will go to my house as soon as possible.That was 8 am.
The ASAP apparently was at 11 am. After inspecting the sliding door the kitchen door and taken photo, he told me...most of the time small crimes like this(since nothing was taken, well those crooks ran after my alarm system went off) are unlikely to be solved! Thats another boost to your confidence in them? On the contrary.

And I have many more grouses with them,friends or no friends. Cousins or no cousins.

I agree with che'gu: If they can't spent millions on other useless things, why not for the safety of men in blue??
( Maybe, just maybe because they are lowly beings in the force!)

12:21 PM  
Blogger Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Bergen
Honesty is hardly ever heard now.

2:00 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Cakapaje: I'm sure they are more good cops than bad ones. But unfortunately, it's the bad ones that make it to the newspapers to give us the impression that the entire force is corrupt. Yes, my heart goes to those good cops who do their job honestly but have gotta endure the bad name we got for them.

As for the policemen who died in that drug raid, there's no way for people like us to know the truth other than what's written in the papers.

Kata Tak Nak: It's kinda sad that small people have gotta pay with their lives in order for big shots to have the chance to make money. A lot of people are now working furiously to get the contract to supply the force with the bullet-proof vest, I guess. As for the policemen who died, they are collateral damage that don't figure in the big scheme of thing in this money making opportunity for people 'blessed' with connectins in high places.

Tokasid: Everyone I know who has had his or her house broken into has nothing but bad things to say about trying to get the police to do a decent investigative work. Most of them have the same experience you've described here. I don't have that kinda of experience but I can detail out a long list of experiences I've got dealing with the police in brawling cases. LOL. I can't remember how much I've paid in compound for throwing the first punch. LOL. Oh, those were the days. LOL.

Fauziah Ismail: Hmmm, Bill Joel. LOL.

To everyone who dropped by this way on your way to wherever it is you are going, thank you very much for making a stop here.

Have a nice day, and stay safe. It's not a safe place out there anymore.

11:03 AM  

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