Thursday, December 14, 2006

Year End Sale

So this is what she lives for, a year end sale so she can drag me to every store printed in the press advertisement she has seen the day before looking for that elusive pair of Clark shoes she can't do without or else the world is coming to an end. So this is what it's all about. Her entire existence depends on this pair of shoes, the centre of her universe, very much like Kak Teh and her Yan and Gunung Jerai.

Year end sale brings out something I've never known in a woman like her. She's not the same anymore. She has changed completely into a creature I am not ashamed to admit of being a little scared when she turns the page of the Metro section of a national newspaper. Her eyes bulge the size of a headlight of the 1960s Volkswagen, her cheeks suddenly rosy pink and her hair stand straight up like steel pikes. When this happens I know better to get to the kitchen fast to fix coffee or cook something, anything. In fact I'd cook something that has been cooked just to maintain a safe distance from a creature I believe every retailer love to bits if only mothers can produce species like this faster than anything you've ever known.

If only I were a retailer. I'd love to entertain her and the type like her all day that I won't mind giving them free membership card so she and the rest of her type can visit my store to spend all their money on things they have got like another twenty four pairs of shoes, a dozen or so skirts, a dozen or so dresses they'd wear once, bags, watches, belts and accessories. Admittedly she and her type make the world go round. Not love. Love can't make the world go round. People in love don't go out of the house all too often and they don't spend all that much money. They'd prefer to spend their time together whispering sweet nothings and do stupid things like run in circle in the rain or dance around a fire.

We are going out again to a mall on the other side of town. I've just fixed lunch but looks like this lunch won't be eaten since we've gotta make it to the store. We've gotta beat the rest of the crowd. We've gotta to have it first.

Excuse me? Did you say we?
Yes, ma'am. I am coming right up.


Blogger k.d said...

Hahaha!! Oh gosh Mr. Bergen!! I pity you sir. Run Mr.Bergen, hide!!

8:30 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

K.D: I can run, but I don't think I can hide, ma'am.

10:29 AM  
Blogger aalborg said...

Good that you know your duties in the Crazy World of Sales.

p.s. Me Hate Sales/Shopping. You will catch me anywhere near that crowd.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wuhuhu... your "her", i like... not because i'm in retail, but in the true spirit of us women not constricting the economy.

p/s 1: link insert, permisi ya?
p/s 2: Boney M???!!! Hmm.. that was soooo long ago. :)

11:51 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Ailin: It's a good policy, ma'am.

Ibu: Yes, ma'am. Link me up. Yes, ma'am, it's thaaaaaat long ago.

To everyone who came for a visit, thank you so much.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Mama Rock said...

hahaha...enjoy shopping!

10:32 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Mama Rock: H E L P

6:52 PM  

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