Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pick Up A Hobby, Learn How To Fix Things.

He figured it will go this way. People getting angry now that the price of oil is up 30 sen.

You can bet your right arm that the citizens of this fine city is angry but I think there's nothing to be angry about which is why I feel like going over to the table right across where a couple of guys drinking jugs after jugs of beer as if they are trying to forget something, cursing and swearing over the price of oil that got me thinking, why don't you guys go home, pick up a hobby, learn how to fix things instead of spending your hard-earned executive money drinking and feeling sorry for yourselves, wasting good time instead of doing something that can save you a couple of bucks like learn how to bake a cake, or fix a toaster, or rebuild a bathroom. It's better than complaining about 30 sen when you guys don't seem to mind paying ridiculous price for a piece of cake. Lemme me tell you, for the same price, you can get a cake bigger than your head at Tesco. Trust me because I love supermarket, man. I know this thing. Ever since I've been away from the rig, I have developed this domestic ability that has enabled me to think like a housewife who can get the best deal on a detergent, or a ketchup cutting supermarket coupons from Thursday papers. Trust me.

You gotta pick up a skill other than knowing how to work the numbers, or a computer programme. I don't know, there's a host of skills you can pick up. Go look up in the net. Google what you want. I've learnt how to fix a gear shaft of a Volvo 240 from the net. All you have to do is read, man. And you can even learn how to cook fondue if you want to. Or learn how to bake a cake, and harness this baking skill of yours that you can sell the cakes at a family carnival. There's so much you can do instead of complaining about this 30 sen thing. And you can also save so much if you stop coming over to this side walk bar to drink jugs after jugs of beer, complaining and lamenting about 30 sen as if the world is coming to an end.

Of course I know this 30 sen thing will hit big transport companies in a big way, and prices of food will go up. But you can always learn how to cook so you don't have to go out as often as you used to now that the price of cooking gas has gone up and restaurants are going to charge you more. Maybe you should learn how to cook pineaple chicken real well that your missus will fall in love with you all over like the first time you met, and your kids will adore you as you are Jamie Oliver. It's better than having them love that Ronald guy or that Colonel guy or whoever they've got as the spokeperson for their burgers or chicken. Don't you think it is better for your kids to look up to you as their very own Ronald, or Colonel or what have you. Learn something useful, man.

Lemme tell you what I've picked up. I've learnt how to cook from the net. Fix and rebuild the whole bicycle from the net. I've learnt how to write from the net. I've learnt how to work Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In-design from online tutorial. I am learning how to restore furniture now because I found out from the net that it is a big business in Florida and California. Next I'm going to learn how to repair air-cond because the weather is getting hot, now that it's March and it's gonna get hotter and hotter, and it's gonna be more and more difficult to get the air-cond guy to come to the house to service all the units I've got in the apartment and you can bet they are gonna charge me more and more money. You see, there's nothing to complain about this 30 sen thing.

Go home, man. Pick up a hobby. Learn how to tie knots for all I care. Or how to convert your sandwich maker into a satellite, or a digital camera. There's so much to do and you are worried about 30 sen?

Excuse me, I gotta home. I think I need to look up on the net on how to do Turkish coffee. But first I need to find out where I can buy an ibrik.


Blogger Nurelhuda said...

I have one you can borrow..I bought it in Lebanon, in Zahle to be exact. Not that I use it so you can have it if you drop by.
Way to go man, I was just coomenting that the men could get by the petrol hike by giving up their ciggies

10:36 PM  
Blogger anggerik merah said...

Sir Berg...couldn't agree more to what you say.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Lydia Teh said...

What a great learner you are, bergen. Good attitude. Learning should never stop till we're six feet under. All that talk about food reminds me I've yet to post the kaya recipe in my blog. I'd been wanting to make the kaya to make sure I get the recipe correct before posting it but havent got round to doing it yet. :(

2:09 AM  
Blogger Nekbat said...

I just saw an illustration of turkish tea and here you are mentioning turkish coffee. I too wish I have an ibrik. for now kluang kopi would do.

3:28 AM  
Blogger mommy@lif said...

very positive attitude you have, en bergen. guess i should follow your advice to cook myself so that my son will look up to me as his very own Ronal or Colonel.

couldn't agree more sir.

8:40 AM  
Blogger ibuVouge said...

this is what I call contigency plan,I'm try to learn everything that my hubby and my kids love to eat.then some how I foregt myself!!
I have to improve my skill in that area, till be a Ronald and Colonal:-)

Just register sewing class, learn how to sew our own clothes.;-D

8:45 AM  
Blogger A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

teach me! teach me!

i am a slow learner.

10:04 AM  
Blogger LifeBloom said...

Couldn't agree more...! I took up flower arrangement and I made a tidy sum one Valentine's day a few years ago...Next on the horizon is ...gasp...sewing.....Wish me luck!

10:11 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Nurelhuda: Good thing I am a non-smoker, ma'am. I believe it is hard to give up this habit. Some gave up but relapsed in no time. It's a habit I didn't pick up despite wanting to, just to look good. Blame it on those James Bond and Jefri Zain movies where a hero looks so good smoking a cigarette.

Anggeri Merah: Thank you, ma'am.

Lydia Teh: Yes, ma'am, you owe us this. LOL. I'm sure it will turn out good. Who knows it will become so good that we can turn it into a profitable venture. There's a huge market for kaya, judging by the number of kopitiam-style restaurants mushrooming at every corner in the valley. I guess now that the price of oil is up, there's gotta be a bigger demand for value-for-money outlet like a kopitiam since one needs to pay more for imported coffee and pastries or cheesecakes. Way to go, ma'am, you are on the right track here. I'm right behind you.

Nekbat: Kluang coffee is THE BEST in the world. It's simply out of this world. It has a wild, raw and untamed flavor to it. Good thing it hasn't been discovered yet. But the guy has started to commercialised the packaging and I've got a feeling something is going to go in the way of quality but I really really hope not. I am talking about Senggarang coffee, folks. Should give this a try. Personally I believe it's better than Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It's only RM20/kg. For that Jamaican thing, the last price on the net was US$60/kg. Most of it goes to Japan. You are lucky if you can get some.

Alif's Mommy: I go by MCA's campaign - lifetime learning, it won't hurt you.

Ibuvouge: Sewing class is very very good. You don't get to see women doing that anymore. I understand you can charge quite a lot to sew curtains. You are gonna make money, ma'am.

Xaviera: You? Slow learner? I don't think so, ma'am. LOL.

Lifebloom: You gave me an idea of the next entry. Thank you, ma'am.

11:03 AM  
Blogger AuntyN said...

Picking up a hobby on how to make things is good. I hope those guys esp husbands don't just learn how to fix things but also use the skill when required.

I can teach you to make espresso coffee.

3:15 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

I've got me notebook and me pencil t'write down everythin' you say 'bout how t'do this coffee, marm.

6:07 PM  
Blogger fihmi said...

Touching on Senggarang Coffee .. is the topic still on?? Anyway, the joint I frequented for Senggarang Coffee doesn't really sell the coffee powder.. trade secret, according to the towkeh but according to my dad, it's more that his mom wouldn't allow him to (must be nice to have such an obliging son!) close alternative here would be thee Rengit Coffee..and consistent with the economy, price is now at RM24/kg. Worth the Ringgit Malaysia for my taste (by the way, herd, price may yet again raised...inflation!). So anyone interested for a tasting session.. do drop me a line and datang rumah. If the wife says ok to have tetamu..will let you know.

3:08 PM  

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