Monday, February 06, 2006

Do The Right Thing.

It's wrong for me to have anything to do with things coming out of Denmark, Germany or France. I have switched to English margarine instead of Lurpark butter Denmark is famous for. They did something to my Prophet S.A.W and it's making me all boiling inside. They did the wrong thing and I don't want to do the wrong thing by going to the embassy to show my anger by way of firebombs or something like that because I want to do the right thing eventhough the right thing is the wrong thing to do because I am willing to die for Rasullulah.

I am quite baffled why Malaysian government, the chairman of OIC, not to mention all the 'Islamic' organisations like Jakim, Jais, Ikim or what have you, are quiet in this issue when Rasullulah is potrayed as such. I don't know what else will make those people presiding over these organisation go very angry. Maybe they need to have pork mixed up with their lunch. I bet that won't make them angry either.

What they did to the Prophet S.A.W is wrong.


The last publication of Utusan Melayu, the only Jawi publication in the country, went out of business on 28 January 2006. Thanks to Khir Johari, the person responsible for taking Jawi out of the school curriculum in the 70s, the country now is fully romanised and those kitabs in Jawi which I doubt will ever be transcribed are now completely inaccessible to Muslims who can't read Jawi.

I once wrote to the editor of Utusan Melayu after being annoyed with the slogan that they printed on the front page of the paper 'Mertabatkan Tulisan Jawi.' Maybe they were annoyed with me too for writing a comment to please not use the bloody word 'mertabat' when you guys can't even figure out how to get the paper from the printing mill to the shop every Saturday. Sometimes the paper never arrived at all. Sometimes it arrived a day late.


At the Pejabat Pendaftaran a guy spoke English to the lady manning the counter, which annoyed the lady that she snapped 'Tolong cakap Melayu, ini Malaysia bukan Hong Kong!'

I felt like saying, 'Kak, the government consider Bahasa Melayu ain't cool that they have to call our Kad Pengenalan 'mykad' so give this guy a break when he doesn't want to speak in Bahasa Melayu. Afterall, you've got saluran infotainmen, and saluran family anda. So what's the big deal with Mertabatkan Bahasa Melayu. Don't you know that Bahasa Melayu is good when you need to write ghost and sex stories, or gossip columns. It ain't good enough for anything. We don't need it. Afterall, we've got English.

Have a nice day.


Blogger AuntyN said...

Have a noce day to you too bergen.

So you went to do mykad for Uunt Su ? GoodLuck with the search anyway.

1:36 PM  
Blogger maklang said...

Yes, I am in Kerteh. Nice place and will be here for a long2 time, InsyaAllah. If you ever pass by do drop by at my teratak.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Noni said...

Bahasa Melayu is wayyy cool. As eksyen as I feel when talking in my put-on mat salleh accent some jokes are just not funny in English. This had baffled and frustrated many a mat-salleh friend that I had had when the jokes that I crack in Melayu are just plain un-funny when translated into English.

Being Melayu is very important to me. But even more important is that I be able to raise Melayu Muslim children as well.

3:13 PM  
Blogger A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

saya orang Malaysia dan amat berbangga dengan kebolehan saya bertutur dan menulis dalam bahasa kebangsaan.

satu perkara yang amat saya benci apabila rakyat Malaysia berbangsa Melayu mengatakan bahawa mereka tidak pandai bertutur dan menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia walaupun mereka menerima pendidikan awal mereka di Malaysia.

bagi saya, mereka adalah 'scum of the earth'.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

It's sad ... the govt not knowing whether to mertabatkan BM or English, and ending up using the wrong words most of the time. The people born and raised in Malaysia, and who will probably die here too, not knowing how to speak BM or how to use the language.

And Jawi, how difficult can Jawi be? If you can read the Quran, you should be able to read Jawi, I think. The Utusan Melayu was a regular part of my life when my late grandma was around - she kept up with the news around the world by reading that newspaper until she was way past 80.

4:28 PM  
Blogger melor said...

tulisan jawi reminds me of brunei, even kedai kopi ah kong is spelled in Jawi.

now that, is a very classy remark.

4:36 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

AuntyN: Aunt Su's Mykad should be ready in May.

Maklang: Kerteh is a nice place. In the 70s Aunt had a few acres of land there. BTW do you have any idea who's house it is perched on the hill overlooking South China Sea? It's a grand house. I think it was used for a location for a movie.

Noni: The Indonesian really know how to use the language that will make you really proud of the language.

Babe: Masa saya kerja atas rig saya tak berapa perasan sangat tentang penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia di dalam dunia perniagaan. Saudari mungkin tak didedahkan dengan kenyataan ini. Tapi jika saudari cuba tengok iklan jawatan kosong dalam Star atau Malay Mail, atau NST dan cuba hubungi syarikat-syarikat ini, saudari akan terasa yang Bahasa Malaysia tidak mendapat tempat (langsung) di kalangan syarikat swasta. Saudari boleh berbahasa Inggeris, atau Mandarin, dan tak perlu Bahasa Malaysia.

Keadaan ini diburukkan lagi oleh rancangan-rancangan TV yang menggunakan dwi-bahasa, di mana juruacara boleh cakap samada dalam bahasa Inggeris, atau Bahasa Melayu, dan orang yang ditemuramah boleh jawab dalam apa-apa bahasa. Ini memberi gambaran yang bahasa Melayu tidaklah penting dan oleh itu boleh dipermain-mainkan. Persoalannya, kalau bahasa Melayu boleh dipermainkan, atau diperlekehkan, apa guna kita beria-ria sangat memberi tempat yang sewajarnya kepada bahasa Melayu. (ini pandangan umum masyarakat atau golongan yang tidak ada hubungan peribadi dengan bahasa Melayu.)

Keadaan ini sangat sedih tapi inilah kenyataan. Kita juga hairan bagaimana ada setengah billboard boleh ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris sepenuhnya sedangkan PBT yang berkuasa mengawal penggunaan bahasa.

Minggu lepas akhbar Jawi mati terkubur. Saya rasa saudari tidak menyedarinya. Dan tidak ramai orang Melayu yang menyedari hal ini. Bandingkan akhbar berbahasa Jawi dengan akhbar berbahasa Mandarin dan Tamil. Akhbar-akhbar ini hidup segar dan mampu membuat keuntungan dari advertising revenues.

Kita boleh berbangga dengan kebolehan bertutur dan menulis bahasa Melayu. Tapi bolehkah kita berbangga dengan layanan yang diberi terhadap bahasa Melayu dari bangsa Melayu sendiri.

I'm just an ex-oilman who doesn't know a thing about the linguistic future of bahasa Melayu.

4:38 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

Infotainment-when that cam out, it just cracked me up! And that you mention it, what's that all about eh? It can get confusing when the government tries to promote our national language and comes up with godknowswhatwords like "infotainment". You might as well just use english! Bergen, my dad's a linguist. He'd have a field day talking to you about this! Have a merry day sir!

4:45 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Anedra: Your dad's a linguist? Is he a friend of Proffesor Safiah Karim?

6:13 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

my dad, and safiah karim?? they know each other. friends perhaps. but from what I gather, always on opposing ends! haha!

6:20 PM  
Blogger FBT said...

I'm not Malay, so I hope you will not think I am the scum of the earth although my Bahasa is terrible. I left Malaysia at the age of 14 for my studies and have never really lived there since, so never had much call to use Bahasa. Please don't be so hard on people who don't speak Bahasa. No-one sets out deliberately not wanting to be able to communicate. My parents are respectively Cantonese (but grew up speaking Hokkien) and Shanghainese (but grew up speaking Cantonese and Mandarin) and none of their three daughters speaks any Chinese because they wanted us to be good at English and they never thought that we would simply not learn the Chinese. That's what happened. I'm not proud of it. But I don't think it makes me the scum of the earth. More to be pitied than censured, in fact.

6:29 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

QOTH / Melor: It's hard to keep one Jawi paper going that in the end it had to be stopped because of dwindling market, and zero advertising revenues.

We did this to ourselves and I am not sure what can be done to revive it because it won't be easy and no one in the government has any imagination even has the inkling to even talk about it.

Bahasa Melayu is going down the same way which is sad because in the end the future generation won't be able to handle neither Malay nor English very well. The signs are here but no one in power is interested to do anything about it.

7:28 PM  

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