Friday, December 22, 2006

A Budget Holiday.

We don't have all that much money between us for a decent holiday on a cruise liner but we figured this shouldn't stop us from going on a budget holiday to get away from the city for a couple of days. It must have been the wine she had been drinking to come up with such a brilliant plan out of the blue, in the middle of a conversation about my station wagon which, in a round about and complicated way, reminded her of her daddy who walked out in the middle of an arguement with the mommy and never came home since. I don't want to go into details to figure the connection between my station wagon and her daddy. As far as I'm concerned, the very idea of travelling aimlessly without a definite destination in particular is as good a plan to me as it can get. After all, aimlessness is the very embodiment of the lifestyle I am leading at the moment, at least until early next year when I shall leave all this behind to start a new life in Sudan of all the most unlikely places in the world.
We are in the living room packing things into our duffel bags, not knowing how long we are going to be on the road. I've got the laundry points worked out, which is quite unnecessary since we have no specific route in mind to follow but I like it when I've got a general idea about laundry rotation. No, we don't need the map, she says. Let's take a drive along the inner roads, I don't want to go by the highways. I say, okay by me but let's just bring the map just in case, okay? No, no, no. No maps! I am not too worried about this since I've got a spare map in the glove compartment and so I say, okay okay, no map.
Friends will tell you that I take stupid risks but I don't take risk being on the road without a map. Or a compass for that matter.
I've got the TV and the radio turned on to keep up with the up-dates on the flood situation. She's got her ears trained to the news too. Nothing major but it would be lovely if we were to be caught in a flood to see what we are made of, how both of us would react in an emergency situation. Things like this can bring the best, or the worst, in a person.
Let's hit the road, ma'am. Or shall we wait for the sky to turn really dark before starting on our budget holiday?
We leave now, sir!
After you, ma'am.
No, after you, sir.
Right this way, ma'am.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome, ma'am.


Blogger Ibu said...

And i quote, "aimlessness is the very embodiment of the lifestyle I am leading at the moment"

hmmm...this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland when stuck at a crossroad, asking Chesire Puss on which way to take. And she meowed, it doesn't matter which way you take if you don't know where you want to go.

So pokoknya, destinasi nya ke mana sih? Even if it's a transit point - you need to know. ( Ibu dah start berleter... hahaha!)

Hope you both had a great holiday!


4:03 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

Ibu: How can I ever thank you for putting things in perspective, and how can I not respect your decorum, bringing in Alice in the Wonderland to raise the point about aimlessness. It goes right to the heart, jolts me into reality, and trust me, ma'am, the effect is far more effective than being screamed at with advice.

Thank you, ma'am. Thank you for visiting, and thank you for reading me for what I am.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Ol Lady from the Green Mtn said...

Hope the floods in Malaysia have run their course and that people are putting their lives back together again. It made the newspapers here ... just a small section in the international section but you always know that people's lives have changed.

Did your travels take you north than rather than south?

7:02 AM  
Blogger bergen said...

OLFTGM: We went north, not to avoid the floods but to take pictures. I am not sure about it but going by weather cycle, we are into the second cycle of the floods. In the east coast we are more afraid of this cycle. We'll see which way this is going to go.

Tried to login yesterday but the line was down the whole day. They said it's the Taiwan gateway is having a problem due to the earthquake there.

Thank you for dropping by, ma'am.

11:29 AM  

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